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1.6 million and counting…EEG roots for more trees

posted on 14/02/2010: 1969 views

With the world wondering about ways to tackle climate change speedily and effectively, there's no denying that a thick green cover would be one of our biggest allies in the fight for the health and security of our 
future generations.

With this realisation, the Emirates Environmental Group (EEG) had joined hands with the United Nations on its Global mission to plant one billion trees around the world, and embarked upon the campaign to plant one million trees in 2007.

It has so far succeeded in planting more than 1.6 million trees. By facilitating the plantation of 1,614,561 indigenous trees, EEG has surpassed its target by far and has pledged to carry on.

"With the launch of the campaign, EEG received incessant support from individuals, corporate organisations and educational institutions to facilitate this project. It is with great pride that I declare that EEG has surpassed its target of planting more than 1.6 million trees in the UAE. Answering to the renewed call of the UN and under the aegis of UNEP, EEG has pledged to push forth the movement throughout 2010,” said Habiba Al Marashi, Chairperson of EEG, in an exclusive chat with 
Khaleej Times.

Scientific experiments have revealed that an average tree inhales 12kg of carbon-dioxide per year, and with billions of trees planted, thousands of tonnes of carbon-dioxide can be reduced from the atmosphere in the easiest 
possible way.

With its rapid urbanisation and arid climate, a country like UAE requires planting more and more trees. Though over the past 30 years the landscape in the UAE has been transformed greatly, the enormous amount of construction and development work have outpaced the green drive.

However, inspired by the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and under the constant support of local and federal governments, vast areas of desert have been replaced by lush parks, greenery and rows of trees. The legacy of greening lives on: "With this campaign, EEG endeavours to promote sustainable green spaces in UAE's rapidly growing urban environment. Under the United Nations Environment Programme's Billion Tree Campaign, EEG's Million Tree Campaign aims to aid in mitigating the impact of carbon emissions and also combat desertification,” explained Al Marashi

According to a recent study, trees add 15 per cent value to properties, apart from adding to the beauty and serenity of the surroundings. Fruit-bearing trees can be a real source of income to the economy.

The UAE date palms produce 5.9 per cent of world's dates, pumping in a fare share of money into the economy. More date palms and other such trees could definitely add to the revenue of the country. For information, EEG can be contacted at 04-3448622 or email: [email protected] – Khaleej Times


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