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National pride

posted on 03/12/2007: 2100 views

December 2, another year gone by, another beginning. Green red and white colours fluttering in the wind, the national anthem audible from a faraway window, festive feelings slowly permeating the air, this morning has a unique feel about it.

Filled with anticipation, the National Day of the UAE highlights past achievements with a view to the future. Walking down the street one glimpses faces filled with excitement taking in the accomplishments and mistakes of their past while looking to their future, head held high with pride. Citizens of this country have every reason to feel proud, united, strong. The UAE has come a long way. Notes spoke to students about their patriotism, perspectives on Dubai and a vision for its future.

National Day defined

National Day celebrates great success for all students in the UAE, which according to them has been continually growing. Every student holds December 2 as a day of achievement in every aspect.

"National day for me marks 36 years of accomplishment," said Abdullah Salim, higher diploma student at DMC. "It's 36 years of harmony, 36 years of prosperity and 36 years of ongoing happiness."

Cosmopolitan country

Every student seemed to hold a similar point of view, regarding their country as the hub of business and technological development in the region. Not only did these UAE nationals voice pride in their country's progress over the years, but also its triumph over war, terrorism and crime.

"It's a safe place to be," said Shoaib Mohammad, Higher Diploma student at DMC. "It has thrived through the good and the bad without getting involved in any political shambles. It has successfully maintained a state of neutrality."

Students highlighted safety and continuity of policy as a crucial factor for a successful nation, stressing that it is something to which they attach great value in the nation-building process.

"I feel we are a special community because we live in a safe nation that is always progressing," said Ahlam Al Bannai, applied communications student at Dubai Women's College (DWC). "People from abroad look towards the UAE's developments and are filled with amazement because of the country's achievements. It's something we are truly proud of."

Meanwhile, others brought another important aspect to light — the growing diversity of its population. Students said it is difficult to find another country of the same size that has over 200 nationalities.

"We welcome people from all backgrounds to our community," said Khalid Mohammad, Higher Diploma student from DMC. "And we do this disregarding race, religion or ethnicity. It's amazing how all these backgrounds combine in harmony. It's also remarkable how far we have developed as a nation under the rule of one great man."

The Late Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan played a pivotal role in the UAE's progress. Without his faith in the country, students said, the area would have remained a desert.

"This is not just a day to celebrate the nation, it's a day to celebrate all that Shaikh Zayed has done for us and a day when all the hearts of nationals unite," said Mohammad Al Ali, aircraft engineering student at DMC. "We welcome everyone to be part of the great successes of this country, which paved the way for the UAE to become one of the most developed countries in the region and the world."

Rising from the sand

For most students, experiencing the country's progress was seeing it rise from the sand. What once was a plot of deserted land is now a high-rise commercial and recreational centre.

"When I was a child our home was surrounded by desert," said Al Ali. "Now it's literally in the middle of the city."

Other students added that within just a few days rejuvinating changes in the country give them renewed zeal and a sense of patriotism. This rapidly-changing scenario is what gives students the vigour and motivation needed to contribute to the UAE's success.

"Developments are ongoing and that's something wonderful. It's something other countries are impressed with," said Al Bannai. "Every day feels like a new day in a new country."

Learning takes on a new form

One of the most significant advancements seen in the UAE is the boost to education. Students noted the increase in exceptional schools and universities and alternative teaching methods being applied in these institutes. According to students, technology is being integrated into the curriculum more than ever before.

"Many schools and university students are required to have their own laptops," said Mohammad, "while teachers are involving students more in the classroom."

Students commended this new holistic approach to learning that gives them a better opportunity to express themselves as people, rather than as statistics.

"High schools are now taking all of a students accomplishments into consideration when calculating the final marks rather than considering the exam grades alone," said Eman Al Owais, applied communication student at DWC. "Schools and universities are using new equipment and technology to help facilitate learning and make it a more interesting experience for the student."

Most students agreed on what they want from their country – nothing.

"Our country has given us so much, good education, good jobs and moral support," Al Owais said. "The question really is what should I give back to my country."

Students' vision of the future

As in any society building a strong foundation. education plays a fundamental role in the progress of the UAE. Although pleased with the current level of progress in this area, students expressed a desire for further progress.

"Educational progress has been great in this country and we have a large number of good national universities. However, to really succeed we need to focus on education, knowledge and emiratisation in the years to come as there are a large number of UAE nationals who are not finishing their education," said Gazi Al Janahi, a student at the Dubai Men's College (DMC).

Nonetheless, students' opinions were not confined to education. Many saw the additions to the country's infrastructure as a means to strengthen the nation further. However, there were areas where they thought improvements could be made. "I am so happy with what they've done and what they are doing now but I would be happier if they did more.

Beautiful architecture is being created and it feels like a new building is constructed everyday. But they should direct their ideas elsewhere as well. One day we might not have all these tourists and then these buildings will do nothing to satisfy our needs. We should be focusing on ways to become self-reliant and independent. At the moment we import all our fruits and vegetables. What if we spent our money on a greenhouse instead?" said Tughrid Belqaizi, UAE national and student at the American University in Dubai.

"To grow our own food, to be self reliant, this is what we should be aspiring towards," he added.

Shoaib Mohammad from the DMC held a similar view. "Many things have changed in the UAE, such as business, education, technology and architecture, but I hope that one day this progress will extend to all areas, that one day we will want of nothing. All that we wish for will be available here."

The human race is always aspiring. It is not in our nature to stop. Forever evolving there is no ceiling to our progress and this generation's vision is a testament to this doctrine. Undoubtedly a large part of the student's vision involves education, but their vision extends past its confines to the horizon. The world is their oyster.

National Day is a day to reflect, appreciate, anticipate and plan, but most importantly it is a day to celebrate. Celebrate the achievements, accomplishments and successes of the past years, and the hope for many more, in the years to come. (Gulf News)


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