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Ownership of firearms laws being drafted

posted on 23/09/2002: 572 views

Federal laws regarding ownership of firearms are being drafted by the Ministry of Defence, said Abdullah Ahmed Abulhoul, managing director, Mediac Communication and Promotion - organisers of the Arab Hunting Show and Arabian Adventure Show. Meanwhile, shipping costs for firearms have increased by 60 per cent since last September 11, said M.H. El Miniawi, from UK-based Melya. It is only a matter of time before firearm ownership laws are introduced in the Emirates, said Abulhoul.

"At least then there will be a piece of paper saying what you need to be able to buy a gun," he said. "The exhibition has helped to push this issue." Currently, UAE residents can buy firearms after being issued a certificate from either the Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Interior or Police Department. It is hoped that introducing a law will make it clearer for residents as to what they have to do to qualify for firearm ownership. (The Gulf News)


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