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Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi starts 3-day preparation for 'Abu Dhabi Census 2011'

posted on 02/10/2011: 2975 views

The enumerators of Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi started their three-day preparation for the national project of "Abu Dhabi Census 2011" which is regarded as the largest project to count the population of the emirate and identify their characteristics accurately.

Six thousand enumerators, controllers and administrators have delivered envelopes, containing census questions, spaces to answer and how to complete the questionnaire, to the doors of residential units such as villas, apartments, etc. The envelopes also contain some awareness brochures about the census, Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi and the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The distribution process will continue till Monday as the enumerators will start their fieldwork and interview households for the actual data collection next Tuesday, according to a press release by the Centre.

Hotels and Hospitals Reflecting the Centre's interest in the accuracy of the census results, enumerators have started visiting hotels and hospitals all over the emirate to deliver census paper questionnaires to count the patients and residents who might be in any of these organisations next Tuesday, when the population census will start. Excluding those individuals from the count would affect the accuracy of the collected data and consequently the released figures. Therefore, SCAD has distributed questionnaires to both residents of hospitals and hotels.

Geographical Maps: The Census Centres, through which Statistics Centre manages the census fieldwork, received today the geographical maps of all the regions of the Emirate showing the distribution of population in those regions, so that the enumerators would be able to accomplish their work accurately and quickly.

Release of Results Statistics Centre: Abu Dhabi plans to announce the preliminary results of Abu Dhabi Census 2011on the 25th of December 2011 and to release the final results by the end of May 2012.

Coding Team: Statistics Centre will conduct a theoretical training for the census coding team Sunday through Tuesday, entitled "Introduction to Enumeration, International Coding Classification, the Importance of Coding and the Coding system adopted for Abu Dhabi Census 2011," followed by a practical training on coding on Wednesday and Thursday.

Interview Times: SCAD indicated that enumerators will be working mainly from 4-9 pm Sundays through Thursdays from the 4- 24 October 2011, and they may also work morning shifts or during weekends. Enumerators will be based in 37 centres all over the emirate (Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and the Western Region).

Mechanism of Action and Communication with the Enumerator: SCAD also added that the census mechanism of action is that the enumerator visits households to collect data electronically using "iPads" that are directly connected to the operations room at the main headquarters of the centre. If the household head or the responsible adult refuses to complete the electronic questionnaire, the enumerator completes the paper questionnaire and later inputs the data into the iPad in the census centre where he/she works and sends it to the headquarters of Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi. The household head can also fill in the paper questionnaire delivered to his residential unit before Tuesday by himself and hands it to the enumerator later on.

If people are not at home during the enumerator's first visit, he/she leaves a door hanger with his/her contact number and it is quite important that the household head calls back the enumerator to schedule another visit.

Individual Data Confidentiality Statistics Centre: Abu Dhabi would like to assure everybody that the Centre protects the privacy of the personal data of everyone in the Emirate as the confidentiality of individual data is guaranteed by Law No. 7 issued for the year 2008 by H.H. Head of State on the establishment of the Centre. The Centre pledges not to reveal any unit record data as the whole process of census is about useful aggregate data.

Enumerators as well as SCAD staff back at the Abu Dhabi and Al Ain offices have signed a legal document - an undertaking - that all census information provided is deemed confidential. The signing of this non-disclosure form is something many other countries ask their enumerators and office staff to sign as well.

37 Field Centres Statistics Centre: Abu Dhabi manages this huge fieldwork through 37 census centres spread all over the regions of the emirate: 19 in Abu Dhabi, 12 in Al Ain and 6 in the Western Region.

Compiling Aggregate: Statistics based on Individual Data After the enumerators finish their daily fieldwork visits within their work areas, they return to their centres to upload the collected data through a secure electronic channel to the Centre's headquarters where the data analysis phase starts and the collected individual information are compiled into aggregate statistics.

Social Media: SCAD has launched several initiatives through various social media on the internet, such as Blog, Facebook and Twitter, to promote statistical awareness and identify social reactions to this significant national event.

A Huge Campaign: Through collaborating with many government and public entities, SCAD initiated a huge media and publicity awareness campaign aiming to reach every household and individual in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. The support and cooperation of those authorities to ensure the success of the census is highly appreciated by the Centre as it reflects their awareness of the census far reaching results.

Friday Prayer Speech: The General Authority for Islamic Affairs and Endowments has also cooperated with the Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi. The Friday prayer speech explained, to crowds of worshipers, that the census is the most important pillar of the integrated planning and overall development in the emirate, calling on everyone all over the emirate to contribute to the success of the population census by cooperating with SCAD, stating that the census will include every household and every person, whether national or non-national. The Imams also stressed the importance of providing accurate information, pointing out that this kind of cooperation is highly praised in Islam.

Importance of Participating in the Census: You are vital to the Abu Dhabi 2011 Census. Participating in the Census is in every citizen and resident's best interest. SCAD called upon everyone in Abu Dhabi Emirate to do his/her share and take part in the census: "Filling out the census form is the best way to ensure that you were included in the count. Thus, you can help the Emirate thrive, assist the Government in working better for you, get the medical and educational services your family needs, and help businesses grow in Abu Dhabi". Moreover, SCAD asserted: "When you participate in the census, the information you provide would help the Government of Abu Dhabi to understand the characteristics of the population residing in the emirate, such as nationalities of the people in the emirate and the number of their household members and the different characteristics of the population."

Census Results Support Development Plans: The information obtained through the Census results would be used for setting policies and making decisions that would improve the quality of life in our communities as well as the social and economic conditions in the emirate. The government uses the results of the population census in support of programs and services, such as educational and social programs, housing, development and health care services, infrastructure and public works. The private sector uses census data as well to make decisions about the locations of factories, shopping malls, cinemas, banks and offices i.e. activities which often lead to creating new jobs.

Your data is used in so many other important ways - your contribution and willingness will help make Abu Dhabi Census 2011a success. Census numbers can help your community determine public improvement strategies. In addition, many day-to-day matters can be solved through answering the questions on the census form. For example, traffic congestion in a certain area; elderly people living alone or over-crowded schools. Non-profit organisations use census data to estimate the number of potential volunteers in communities across the Emirate.

Approved Plan The Statistics Centre: Abu Dhabi asserted that the preparation for the census project is going according to the approved plan, pointing that the complete, final training for all project staff was already concluded. The training was divided into four phases and included four types of training. It took place in ten training centres spread over all the regions of the emirate. It was conducted by ten census methodologists, ten trainers in the information technology used in the project and three fieldwork experts, in addition to General Services' fieldwork support team and others. Statistics Centre - Abu Dhabi supported enumerators with the useful technical skills which they will use during the fieldwork phase of the project. Enumerators were trained to use Abu Dhabi Census 2011 software applications on the iPads, the printed materials and the application of the census support office. The data of new establishments, hospitals and hotels was electronically uploaded and dashboards were used. SCAD would follow up the daily achievement and the enumerators' electronic reports daily.

IT Systems: The project depends on a full range of the latest time-efficient technological systems that produces more accurate statistical outputs. The Centre has provided the enumerators with state of the art electronic devices for data collection on site. Such devices are equipped with air maps, and geographical co-ordinates connected with satellites that enable the Centre to direct the enumerators during the fieldwork and provide them with guidance and feedback in a timely manner. Moreover, such devices allow the Centre to review, monitor and control the quality of the collected data during the fieldwork.

Census Questionnaire: Two types of questionnaires are used in the census: an electronic questionnaire used for private households and individuals in share households and the individuals residing in public housing, workers' camps, farms and other workers quarters, and the paper questionnaire which is intended for the residents of hotels, hospitals, dormitories, etc. The electronic and paper questionnaires are in both Arabic and English. Translators will be available at each Centre for people who do not speak either of these languages.

Census Questions: Enumerators would be interested in obtaining basic information about the people such as: age, gender, nationality, educational qualification, marital status, economic activity and other information that would provide the most comprehensive, accurate, and updated database about the people in all regions of Abu Dhabi Emirate.

Call Centre: In case of having any inquiries or questions, please contact our Customer Service Centre, where about 40 employees are available to respond to individuals and households and to receive census related suggestions. Calls and suggestions are received on 800555 - Abu Dhabi Government Call Centre.

International Recommendations: Despite the international recommendations to conduct decennial censuses, SCAD has decided to conduct a quinquennial census. This decision is in line with similar communities experiencing rapid and continuous demographic changes due to their constant dependence on foreign labour. Conducting a five- year- census stems from SCAD's intention to provide decision makers with the most accurate and up-dated information regarding the population of the emirate which would result in the drawing of more accurate development strategies.

Role of the Enumerator: Critical for the Success of the Census Enumerators play an important part in the Abu Dhabi Census2011. They are the public face of the census and will be going door to door collecting information about the families and households throughout the Emirate. People will know it is a Statistics Centre-Abu Dhabi (SCAD) enumerator at their door because he/she will have identification and will be wearing a 2011 Census official uniform.

Each enumerator has been assigned a work area and will have maps to help him know which buildings and villas they are to visit. There will be enumerators working hard all over the Emirate; from Liwa to Al Ain to Al Shahamma to Abu Dhabi central city. The magnitude of the project stresses the significant role of enumerators in its success.

Key to Strategic Planning: SCAD encourages everyone to cooperate with the census enumerators and believes that this cooperation represents the basic building block set to help those responsible for strategic planning to provide the highest standards of luxury and prosperity for everyone in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, under the wise leadership of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan. - Emirates News Agency, WAM


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