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UAE calls upon the developed countries to meet their liabilities

posted on 05/04/2008: 695 views

New York - United Arab Emirates has voiced concern over the likelihood of delay in achieving the Millennium Development Goals by the target time in 2015. In a statement made by H.E. Dr. Maitha Salem Alshamsi Minister of State and Head of UAE Delegation at the General Assembly 'Thematic Debate on the Millennium Development Goals', she also called upon the developed countries to meet their financial liabilities towards developing nations.

Debating on the topic 'Recognising the Achievements, Addressing the Challenges and getting on track to achieve the MDGs by 2015', the minister said that UAE contributes 3.6pc of its GNP for development assistance to developing countries.

"This is in addition to a number of special initiatives taken by the country to provide the necessary financing for specific development programmes, the latest of which was 'Dubai Cares' campaign launched in 2007 to provide basic education for one million children in developing countries, especially in Africa"; Minister Dr. Maitha al Shamisi noted.

The following is the text of her statement: Mm. President, We were hoping that after the lapse of half the time set to achieve the Millennium Development Goals, we would have crossed half the distance towards those goals. But the last report on the MDGs indicates that progress achieved in the three major areas, has been slower than anticipated, and that there are still numerous challenges facing a number of developing countries, mainly in Africa. All of which threatens to delay achieving the goals till after 2015.

The UAE is of the firm conviction that eradication of poverty and hunger is a major step towards the reinforcement of peace and the maintenance of security in the world. We recognise without any doubt that succeeding in overcoming these challenges requires a strong global partnership in which the developed and developing countries assume their responsibilities which were agreed on in the Millennium Declaration and other conferences and forums on development, in particular the Monterey Consensus. In this regard, we urge the developed countries to fulfil their commitments to achieve the 0.7pc of Gross National Income for Official Development Assistance to developing countries, and alleviate or cancel their debts. We stress the importance of allowing the developing countries to opportunities of participating in the global market in a just and equitable manner, and providing them with up to date technical assistance to enable them to build their national capacities, develop their societies, mobilize their natural resources and bring in foreign investment to achieve their development goals. In the mean time, we urge the developing countries to adopt economic policies that encourage production and money making and to create enabling national environment to attract foreign investment; support and energize the private sector.

My country has a unique experience in the field of achieving the Millennium Development Goals and of dealing with economic challenges facing developing countries, where we accomplished prominent achievements in a short period of time. We succeeded in maintaining political and social security through the adoption of a development economic policy focusing on the development of human resources in the first degree. We thus succeeded in investing the revenues of oil, which is considered the main source of our national income, to diversify and expand the production base and the sources of national income while focusing on sectors such as industry, commerce, agriculture, fishing and services. In addition, we supported policies of free economy as well as providing incentives to stimulate the private sector and create the proper environment to attract foreign investments.

With that efficient economic policy we succeeded in achieving total eradication of poverty and raising the average income per capita to the highest level in the Middle East and among many countries of the world. In the mean time we were able to lower the ratio of people with very low income to less than 1% of the total number of families. Our present goal is to maintain this high standard of living and enhance it.

As to fulfilling the goal :'elementary education for all', our country has recognized the importance of education in achieving human development and national security and stability, therefore we have supported obligatory primary free education for all people , raising the percentage of enrolment of capable children from both sexes in elementary schools to 98 pc. It is forecasted that we will reach a 100pc enrolment by 2015.

And as to the reduction of childhood mortality by 2/3 , we have developed and enhanced the health care sector , especially in areas such as motherhood and childhood , where we succeeded in reducing the percentage of mortality among children under age five to 9,4 per 1000; it is expected to be reduced to 6,5 by 2015 . It is estimated that 94pc of children received vaccination against childhood diseases; we expect to reach 100pc by 2015. In the meantime we were able to reduce the rate of post natal mortality by 86pc (compared to the required rate of 75pc) and we were able to reach 100 pc rate of births given under skilful trained health officials.

As to the goal of eradicating HIV/AIDS, Malaria and Tuberculosis the UAE succeeded in maintaining the lowest rate of HIV cases in the world. And in 2002 UAE was announced free of Malaria, while the program to combat TB was successful in reducing the rate of Tuberculosis case to a minimal .46pc Mr. President, My country has always been an active and effective partner in the global partnership for Development and the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals, through its commitment to implement the recommendations of conferences on development and its effective contributions to the UN agencies, international and regional institutions concerned with development assistance as well as participating in the implementation of development programs in developing countries. My country contributes 3,6pc of the GNP for development assistance to developing countries, besides hosting a big number of expatriate workers from all over the world. This in addition to special initiatives taken by my country to provide the necessary financing for specific development programs , the latest of which was 'Dubai Care s' campaign launched in 2007 to provide basic education for one million children in developing countries, especially in Africa.

In conclusion, we hope that we will be able, through this meeting to take stock of what we achieved in relation to the MDG and be able to pin point the challenges and causes that hinder the full and timely implementation of those goals. Thank you. – Emirates News Agency, WAM


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