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UAE committed to contribute US$1 million to support Somali naval security capabilities, says Gargash

posted on 30/06/2012: 1756 views

Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Dr. Anwar Mohammed Gargash has affirmed the UAE's commitment to provide one million dollars to contribute to the development of the capabilities of Somali's navy forces and the Somali coast guards to enable it to restore security and stability.

"The UAE reiterates its commitment to provide one US$ million to support the building of Somalia's naval security capabilities. The contribution will be managed by the Trust Fund to Support Initiatives of States to Counter Piracy off the Coast of Somalia," Gargash said in remarks at the second international high-level, public-private counter-piracy conference which concluded Thursday in Dubai, "The amount is part of a yet larger commitment by the UAE to provide comprehensive support to upgrade the capabilities of Somalia's coast guard at the end of transition on 20 August, the formation of a central permanent government and the announcement of a new constitution for the country," he added.

The funds will be used in cooperation with the Somali leadership and the international partners to provide boats, communication and equipment and set up the central operations command in Mogadishu to empower the Somali coast guard and transform it into a national agency that is able to protect maritime security off the coast of Somalia, according to Gargash.

"The commitment reflects the support provided by the UAE to the historic developments in Somalia and also represents the confidence of neighbouring countries and the international community in guarantees to turn Somalia into a stable and prosperous country and in as a prosperous historic economic hub," the minister added.

"We are seeing a return of economic activity in the Somali capital city. Somali expatriates started to return to their country to start a new life. Trade between Somalia and neighbouring and other countries, the UAE in particular, is booming, which makes us optimistic about the future of this country." "The UAE's clear message is this: the international community has to secure support for Somalia in order to develop its capabilities and empower it to enforce maritime security and safety in its territorial waters, and a long-term solution can be reached if the Somali leadership takes control in this regard," he further said. – Emirates News Agency, WAM


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