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UAE urges UN to work hard for Mideast peace

posted on 04/12/2006: 685 views

New York - The UAE voiced its concern over the continued inability of the international community to implement the UN resolutions aimed at addressing illegal Israeli violations so far, which were resulted in aggravating misery and despair among the Palestinian people. The UAE also underlined that the next phase requires an urgent response from the Security Council and the Quartet to the recent initiative of the League of Arab States which calls for playing a more effective role in reinvigorating the Arab-Israeli peace tracks.

The UAE reiterated its full support and solidarity with the Palestinian people in their just struggle towards achieving their legitimate aspirations for ending Israeli occupation of their land and deciding their destiny, just like any other people, a UAE official told a UN meeting.

'Any one who follows the various stages of the history of the Palestinian question - especially since the General Assembly adopted resolution 181 of 1947, which divided Palestine into two states, one Palestinian, the other Israeli, and the adoption of other resolutions and agreements including resolutions 242, 338, 1397, the Palestinian -Israeli agreements, the Road-Map and the Arab Peace Initiative, which all asserted the notion of establishment of these two states in the region - must be disappointed by the continued obstructionist policies followed by successive Israeli Governments to prevent the establishment of an independent Palestinian State right up to the present day, the UAE official remarked.

Speaking yesterday before the 61st Session of the General Assembly on items entitled: "The Palestinian Question and The Situation in the Middle East', Abdulaziz Nasser Al Shamsi, Permanent Representative of the United Arab Emirates to the United Nations, said: 'Deep regret and confusion must also be felt about the continued escalation of its aggression, and the gross violations of the human rights of the unarmed Palestinian civilians, which included crimes of genocide, armed aggression, systematic destruction of homes, possessions and national infrastructure, arbitrary arrests of thousands of people, and the total blockade of cities and villages in order to isolate their population and prevent them from having access to emergency food and medical assistance, in total ignorance of all international laws and humanitarian norms that prohibit such practices for their violation of the principles of the international humanitarian law, particularly the Fourth Geneva Convention relating to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War.

'The United Arab Emirates considers these illegal measures, which have been followed by successive Israeli governments against the Palestinian people, are a clear demonstration of its expansionist designs aimed at consolidating its occupation of the Palestinian territories.

Otherwise, he asked, how would the conscience of humanity explains these offensive measures which coincided with the Israeli Government decision for obstructing peace negotiations with the Palestinians, expanding its illegal campaign of settler colonialism in the Arab and Palestinian territories, especially in Al Quds El Sharif, changing its demographic, political and legal nature, tampering holy places, and drawing new borders on false grounds at the expense of original inhabitants before commencing the final status negotiations, all of which constitute a flagrant violation of all international legitimate resolutions which have considered these measures illegal, and requested for their immediate elimination and reparation for all damage caused.

'We wish to express our concern over the continued inability of the international community to implement the UN resolutions aimed at addressing these illegal Israeli violations so far, which were totally condemned by us and resulted in strengthening misery and despair among the Palestinian and Arab people.

'Today, we once again reiterate the permanent responsibility of the United Nations, particularly the Security Council, which authority was mandated by the Charter, to address the Palestinian cause which we consider the core of the conflict in the Middle East.

'We also emphasize that just, lasting and comprehensive settlement cannot be achieved if the world continued to be silent towards the persisted Israeli violations of the inalienable Palestinian rights, but can be achieved through taking all necessary measures to put pressure on the Israeli Government to ensure its full and unconditional withdrawal from all the Palestinian territories occupied since 1967, including Al-Quds Al-Sharif, and by solving the problem of the Palestinian refugees in accordance with the resolutions of international legitimacy, the Arab Peace Initiative, the Sharm El Sheikh understandings and the road map principles.

In that context, he said, the UAE also emphasizes the primacy of the following:

1) The need to provide the necessary and urgent international protection for the Palestinian people, and establish a special mechanism for investigating the recent Israeli crimes. A system must be developed to prevent impunity and bring justice, including reparation for damages caused.

2) Call upon Israel to urgently lift all closures, blockades and restrictions imposed on movement and movement of goods in all Palestinian territories, and the prompt release of Palestinian prisoners, including children, women and the members of the Palestinian government.

3) The international community must condemn all settlement activities and unilateral measures undertaken by Israel in all Palestinian territories, particularly in East Jerusalem and must demand Israel to eliminate these measures immediately, in compliance with its obligations under international law and the UN resolutions, including the resolutions of the Tenth Emergency Special Session of the General Assembly, and the advisory opinion by the International Court of Justice of 2004, which calls for immediate removal of the separation wall.

4) Call upon Israel to abolish all laws and jurisdictions imposed over Jerusalem, including the Basic Law which declared Jerusalem as capital of Israel as well as called for transfer of diplomatic missions to Jerusalem, the restrictions on the movement of original inhabitants, the confiscation of lands of possessions, and other measures which aimed at the profanation of holy places, preventing people from exercising their religious practices, and isolating this city which are considered illegal for their negative impact on the lives of the Palestinians and on the possibility of establishing a viable independent State in the region.

5) All Member States, especially major donor States, must resume the provision of all political, economic, humanitarian and technical assistance to the Palestinian Authority in order to prepare the ground for a new national government that succeeds in meeting the urgent needs of the Palestinian people, alleviating the worsening humanitarian crisis, and rebuilding its economy as well as structures of its fundamental institutions.

'The United Arab Emirates strongly condemns the continued Israeli occupation of the Lebanese Shaba'a farms and the Syrian Golan Heights, 96% of its territories, and its policies in Golan which included the seizure of more lands, the destruction of all facets of life, the expansion of settlement activities, the planting of mines, the destruction of environment, the laying of continued siege to the Syrians, the imposition of exorbitant taxes, the coercive detentions and arrests, the denial of medical and educational services and the distortion of all facts relating to the geography and history of the Golan,' he underlined.

'In this context, we support the legitimate demands of the Syrian Arab Republic for restoring Golan, which is considered an inextricable part of its national sovereignty, and we call upon the international community to take an urgent action in order to force Israel to abolish illegal and coercive measures taken in the Syrian Golan.

'We look with optimism to the armistice agreement declared recently between the Palestinian President, Mr. Mahmood Abbas and the Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Ehod Olmert hoping that it will include the West Bank. We also emphasize that the next phase requires an urgent response from the Security Council and the Quartet to the recent initiative of the League of Arab States which calls for playing a more effective role in reinvigorating the Arab-Israeli peace tracks in order to break the spiral of violence, restore the Arab and Palestinian lands and rights, and reach a just and peaceful settlement for the Palestinian cause in accordance with the two-state vision, Palestine and Israel, live side by side within safe and recognized borders.

'This will help in achieving security and stability in the region and enhancing co-existence among all of its nations. We also call upon the international community to continue its support to the UN agencies and committees concerned with supporting the Palestinian cause and the Palestinian people including the Division for Palestinian Rights, the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People, and the Committee to Investigate the Israeli Practices, hoping that all members would vote in favour of draft resolutions presented with regard to the items relating to the Palestinian Question and the Situation in the Middle East. (Emirates News Agency, WAM)


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