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School calendar, holidays and hours

School Calendar - Primary School
The dates given below are approximate and may vary slightly from school to school and year to year.

AUTUMN TERM - September 8th to December 12th
SPRING TERM - January 5th to March 27th
SUMMER TERM - April 7th to June 26th

The school calendar schedules approximately 172 instructional days for students; 185 work days for teachers.

School Calendar - Secondary school
The school day begins at an early hour in the UAE with the first lessons starting at 7.50am and finishing at 3.10pm. Some schools finish slightly earlier on Wednesdays. During the day students have two breaks of 40 minutes each. Each term parent teacher meetings are held.

AUTUMN/SPRING TERM - September 12th to January 15th
MID-TERM HOLIDAY - January 16th to February 2nd
SPRING/SUMMER TERM - February 3rd to June 13th
SUMMER HOLIDAYS - June 14th to September 10th

School holidays
The annual holidays outlined below are subject to change from year to year. These holidays apply to every grade of student within a school.

Al Isra' Wa Al Miraj - 25/10/00
National Day - 2 /12/00
Eid Al-Fitr and New Year - 25/12/00 to 1/1/01
Eid Al-Adha -3/3/01 to 9/3/01
Islamic New Year - 28/3/01
Prophet's Birthday - 4/6/01

School hours
The school year is divided into three terms, as in the United Kingdom, but because of the climate the summer recess is longer. The extended holidays are compensated for by the longer hours during term so as to ensure a school year of similar length to the U.K. The School week is from Saturday to Wednesday inclusive.

Infants usually start school in the morning at approximately 8.00 am and finish at 1.15 pm. Juniors start at 7.45 am and finish at 1.30 pm approximately.

There are two short breaks during the school day for the children to eat, drink and have a playtime. Children bring a packed lunch box to school and they eat their snacks under supervision.

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