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School uniforms and fees

School Uniforms
Uniforms vary from school to school. However in many schools the uniform resembles that worn in European or American schools.

In primary school the boys generally wear cotton shorts, cotton shirt and a cotton sweater. Quite often these are in colour combinations of blue, khaki or navy and are worn with white socks and black leather shoes.
Primary school girls usually wear a cotton dress, cotton sweater and white socks with black shoes. Again navy, khaki and blue are popular colours.

For sports children wear a polo style t-shirt with shorts, sports socks and white trainers.

At secondary school level the uniform is similar to that of the primary school but boys have the option of trousers instead of shorts and the girls may have a choice of long shorts, trousers or a regular/long length skirt. Again cotton shirts or polo shirts are worn with cotton sweaters, white socks and black shoes.

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School Fees

Annual tuition fees vary greatly between schools, private schools being far more expensive than public ones. Generally fees are calculated on a sliding scale - the fees increase with the grade level of the student. Annual fees are usually payable in two instalments, the first upon registration and the second upon completion of the first term. There are additional costs which may include transport, exam fees, registration fees and book deposits etc.

Kindergarten fees for private schools average around 10,000 Dhs per annum which is roughly £2,120 sterling or $2,700 US dollars. Fees for Grade 12, which is the highest grade in secondary schools, can be around 23,000 Dhs. In sterling that is £4,900 and in US dollars $6,200. These figures are considerably lower for state schools.

School Curriculum

Schools in the UAE follow a number of different curricula. Some favour the American system and others use the British version, but there are schools that offer both systems. Because the curriculum varies between schools the information given here should be taken as a general guide. At kindergarten level the children are usually taught English and maths along with Arabic, art, music, religion and other activities.

From kindergarten level upwards the curriculum changes as the grade of the student rises. Computers are introduced to pupils in grade 1. Social studies in Arabic and Islamic studies and general education begin at grade 4. French is included in the timetable for grades 7 and 8. In grade 9 and 10 students keep the compulsory school subjects which include religion, social studies in Arabic and PE (physical education) but they also have subject choices to make. The choices allow them to study three subjects (in addition to their five compulsory subjects). Students choose from a selection of subjects including the three science subjects, languages, accounting, business and computer studies, sociology, history and others. The subjects offered will depend on whether the pupil is following the British or American education system.

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