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Mohammed bin Rashid to launch The Museum of Future Government Services

posted on 01/02/2015

The Organising Committee of the Government Summit has announced that as many as 87 countries will be participating this year in the biggest event of its kind in the world to discuss governments of the future as well as the critical changes taking place at the global level in the development of government services.

The Committee also announced that during the Summit, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, will open The Museum of Future Government Services, which includes an exhibition on new technologies that can provide future government services as well as applications that will shape a new generation of future services.

Names of the top speakers from the UAE and other countries for the third edition of the Summit, which will be held in Dubai from 9 to 11 February, 2015, were also revealed by the Committee. His Highness General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, will deliver the keynote speech at the Summit.

The Summit, organised under the theme ‘Shaping Future Governments', will also be addressed by H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai. In addition various sessions will be addressed by H.H. Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior; H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Presidential Affairs; H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Foreign Minister and Chairman of National Media Council; and H.H. Sheikha Manal bint Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

The Summit will have more than 100 speakers from outside the UAE, including Ban Ki-moon, United Nations Secretary-General; Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum; Queen Rania of Jordan; Deputy Prime Minister of South Korea; President & CEO of Samsung Electronics Co; and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak as well as speakers from international universities and organisations.

A group of international organisations will also participate in the Summit to discuss the future of governments. These include the United Nations, World Bank, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, and World Economic Forum, in addition to international universities, academics, researchers and representatives of governments from 87 countries.

Among the main activities, the winners of two global awards will be announced during the Summit. The event this year will also be noted for its Museum of Future Government Services, in addition to a platform for innovation in the government sector, which will be the biggest of its kind. Sessions have been lined up to discuss key issues in educational, health and technology sectors as well as smart cities, government services and innovation. A dedicated session has been created for ‘Mr. Watson', the smartest robot in the world. The Summit will also feature round tables for Arab government officials and international organisations.

"Government Summit 2015 will be different, innovative and outstanding. His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum is closely following the work of the Organising Committee. The Summit will benefit immensely from the participation of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan for the first time this year as the main speaker, offering a unique opportunity for the global gathering to gain insights on the successful experience of His Highness in urban development, government management and community development policies," said His Excellency Mohammed Abdullah Al Gergawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs and Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Government Summit.

"The Government Summit this year includes a large number of speakers and a variety of sessions, events and exhibitions aimed at achieving the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to enhance the position of the Summit as the most prominent global platform for government development and to make the UAE a global benchmark in this area. His Highness believes that one of the most important keys to achieving stability and wellbeing of the community is improving the performance of governments. Policy changes are more important than changing individuals. His Highness has also stated that the public sector should put in more efforts than the private sector to focus on research and development as well as measures to improve its service delivery practices since it is more intrinsically connected with citizen happiness and fulfilment of aspirations," H.E. Al Gergawi added.

"The participation of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan at the Summit, which gathers participants from 87 countries, also emphasises our national priorities on government development and the importance of focusing on efforts to make the UAE the leading nation in shaping the new generation of governments of the future," Al Gergawi said.

Describing the overwhelming interest in the Government Summit this year, Al Gergawi said the Organising Committee had to stop accepting requests for registration after the number of participants increased from 2000 last year to more than 3000 last week. The Summit will also host more than 200 journalists to cover the three-day event.

Prior to the official launch of the Government Summit, the final competitions of ‘The UAE Drones for Good Award' will be organised on February 6 and 7 in Dubai Internet City in presence of professionals, media representatives and international delegations as well as representatives from national and international universities. The award, launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum during the second Government Summit last February, is the largest-ever award for exploring civilian applications of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) technology for improving people's lives. It received more than 800 entries from 57 countries.

The winners of ‘Best m-Government Service Award' will be honoured by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum on the last day of the Government Summit. ‘Best m-Government Service Award' received more than 400 entries from UAE Federal and Local governments as well as governments from the Arab region and the world.

The Summit includes a session on ‘How the digital revolution is reshaping our economy', which will discuss the role of technology in managing businesses, and methods of delivery of the government services. The session will be led by Professor Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of MIT Centre for digital Businesses in the USA. A session on ‘Future of Online Education' will discuss the latest innovations in education and their importance in shaping the future of global education.

‘How Schools Kill Creativity', another session, will be presented by Sir Ken Robinson, Creativity and Education Expert from the United Kingdom. The session will discuss the need to shift from a united curriculum to a new curriculum designed as per the capabilities of each student. The session will explore the main role of curriculum in implanting a sense of innovation in students.

In a session titled, ‘Healthcare Innovation: Investing in the Next Breakthrough Idea', prominent experts and inventors will speak about the latest innovations in healthcare that will change the lives of individuals and improve the services provided by governments around the world in the healthcare sector.

In another session, ‘Cities of the Future', Kent Larson, Director of the Changing Places Research Group and Co-director of the City Science Initiative at the MIT Media Lab in the USA, will highlight the futuristic designs of cities that will accommodate the largest number of people and achieve greater sustainability, environment protection and satisfaction of people.

Mariana Mazzucato, Innovation Economist, will reveal during a session titled ‘The Entrepreneurial Government', flaws in some of the innovation theories associated with government and private sectors. The session will call for establishing governments with capable leadership and the ability to take risks, and highlight the potential of governments to be the biggest drivers of innovation in the current economy.

In one of its sessions on ‘How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Government Services', the Summit will host ‘Mr. Watson', the world's smartest robot, developed by IBM at a cost of more than Dh 10 million. The robot defies the smartest human brains with its ability to answer questions after reading 200 million pages. During the session, Dr. Bernard S. Meyerson, Vice President of Innovation at IBM USA, will review Mr. Watson's capabilities in language processing as well as its learning and analytical skills. The session will try to answer the questions: "Is it possible for human intelligence to overtake ‘Mr. Watson'? Can we replace the medical and educational cadres in governments with robots like Mr. Watson?" A women leaders session will look at the participation of Arab women in decision-making and their contribution to creating a new future for the people.

The Summit will discuss through two of its sessions the human journey to seek happiness. Jin Lim, CHO of Delivering Happiness, will discuss in the first session how organisations can achieve sustainability by integrating the concept of happiness in the business model, and how career can be a major factor in the achievement of individual happiness.

In the second session Dan Gilbert, Psychology Professor at Harvard University and an expert on happiness, will explain the scientific perspective to the concept of happiness, describing the human ability to create happiness instead of searching for it.

The Government Summit also includes a session on ‘What Makes a Good Country Great', led by Simon Anholt, a specialist in policy, who will explain his theory of intermediate states, and how these countries can be transformed into major countries by strengthening their competitiveness and expanding their global reach.

The Innovation Platform, a key event on the side-lines of Summit, includes an exhibition of new technologies capable of providing government services of the future. The exhibition is aimed at explaining the concept of innovation in government development.

The Summit will also host in one of the sessions a high school student aged 14, who has invented a device that can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. During the session, the young inventor will speak on the key incentives required for innovation in education.

A session will explore how the huge data provided by the internet can be utilised to transform the world and help governments in policy making.

One of the sessions will discuss how cities in future will use electronic devices and sensors to provide the population an interactive and smart living experience that would change their lifestyle and outlook to the environment in which they live.

The third Government Summit also includes a round table of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development to discuss the major influences on the new generation of governments. In addition, Mohammed bin Rashid School of Government in cooperation with Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy will organise a session on ‘Smart policies to create an innovative government sector', which will discuss the role of government academic institutions and colleges in supporting decision making and promoting the culture of innovation. Nine representatives from universities and global academic institutions from Singapore, Germany, the US, China, Australia, the UK and the UAE will take part in the discussions.

A ministerial roundtable will be organised on the first day for the public services ministries with the participation of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, Qatar, Oman, Jordan and Malaysia. The roundtable will focus on the development of resources and government work efficiency as well as the development of skills of government employees.

On the third day of the Summit, UAE University will organise a forum for the heads of universities from the Gulf and Arab universities in which they will discuss innovation in higher education by addressing the most important global practices in this field. In addition, the forum will discuss topics related to research policies and modern trends in the area of patents and the mechanism of promoting innovation among university students. Universities from countries in the region, including Egypt, Sudan, Morocco, Iraq, will take part in the forum. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Mohamed bin Zayed presents 200 houbara bustards to winners in Qatar Falcons and Hunting Festival 2015

posted on 01/02/2015

His Highness General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, has presented 200 houbara bustards to the first three winners in the Sixth Qatar International Falcons and Hunting Festival 2015 as part of HH's efforts to preserve the indigenous heritage in the Gulf region and to encourage efforts aimed at breeding the houbara and protecting it from extinction.

The first, second and third winners will walk away home with 100, 60 and 40 birds respectively.

H.H. Lt. General Sheikh Saif bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, handed out Sheikh Mohamed's prize to the winners during the award-giving ceremony staged at Katara, the Cultural Village Foundation, in Qatar.

Sheikh Saif said,' The generous initiative of Sheikh Mohamed has underpinned the constant care and support of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan for the environment and heritage. It also reflected the UAE's encouragement of practices and sports associated with the Gulf identity and culture and of traditional sports amateurs to pursue their efforts towards conservation of the local heritage.' Sheikh Saif added that houbara breeding, presenting it as a valuable award to winners in various local and regional heritage events and encouraging Gulf young generations to care for it were part of the UAE's national cultural and human strategy, which was based on the far-sighted vision and unprecedented environmental initiatives by the late founding father, Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, which is being cherished today by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The annual international competition, deeply rooted in Qatar's culture and traditions, showcases some of the most beautiful and well-trained falcons.

Sheikh Mohamed's gift were sourced from the National Avian Research Centre (NARC) in Sweihan, Abu Dhabi. The UAE has launched a massive houbara captive breeding and releasing programme to increase the population of the bird.

Researchers monitor the movements of birds fitted with satellite tracking and devices. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Sultan Al Jaber: Economic Development Conference will return Egypt to growth track

posted on 01/02/2015

CAIRO: Dr Sultan bin Ahmed Al Jaber, Minister of State, and Chairman of Coordination Office of UAE-funded Development Projects in Egypt, said on Saturday that the three-day Egypt Economic Development Conference (EEDC) will launch an integrated programme for development in Egypt and provide an important milestone in efforts aimed at returning the Egyptian economy to track of sustainable growth by placing Egypt on the world investment map as an attractive destination for regional and international investors.

Al Jaber stated that the EEDC (Egypt the Future) will provide a fitting platform where world investment and finance community will get an insightful overview on steps Egypt is taking to introduce real economic reforms.

Al Jaber was speaking at a press conference held by Egyptian Prime Minister Ibrahim Mahlab to unveil arrangements for holding the conference in Sharm El-Sheikh on the 13-15th March 2015. Present also was Saudi Finance Minister Ibrahim al-Assaf. Mahlab said that he had met with Emirati and Saudi partners to coordinate efforts in that regards.

The UAE minister explained that the late king of Saudi Arabia Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz was the first to call for this conference and the UAE was immediately and directly supported the initiative.

The event website says the conference is a key milestone of the government's medium term economic development plan, which is designed to bring prosperity and improved social services to the people of Egypt.

Attracting leading global figures from business and politics, the EEDC will highlight the extensive reforms the government has already implemented and showcase future reforms designed to restore fiscal stability, drive growth and attract investment with the overarching aim of improving the welfare of the Egyptian people.

The conference will also present investment opportunities to domestic and international investors across key sectors.

The EEDC will reposition Egypt on the global investment map and affirm its potential as a source of political and economic stability in the region and a trusted partner on the international stage. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Al Mansouri: Building a knowledge-based economy is a top priority

posted on 01/02/2015

Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, Minister of Economy on Saturday, affirmed that building an economy that is based on knowledge, innovation and creativity, investment in science, technology and research is a top priority of the UAE and is in line with the federal government's ambitious Vision 2021 and its strategy for sustainable economic growth and competitiveness.

In statements to WAM, Al Mansouri explained that knowledge in a knowledge-based economy accounts for the lion's share of added value, which means that it is a key driver of production and marketing and that economic growth is proportional with the driver that is based on information and communications technology (ICT), as the information highway has transformed the world to the highly-connected global village that it is now.

The minister highlighted the fast-paced growth of ICT on which modern-day business relies heavily and which drives economic growth and helps increase the gross national products of countries.

Minister Al Mansouri also highlighted the Information Technology Agreement (ITA), saying that the Ministerial Declaration on Trade in Information Technology Products was concluded by 29 participants at the Singapore Ministerial Conference in December 1996. The agreement was enforced by the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in 1997.

He noted that in March 2007, the UAE joined the ITA which provides for participants to completely eliminate duties on IT products covered by the agreement.

The minister added that in January 2009, the UAE eliminate duties on all IT products covered by this agreement. All the seven members of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) are parties to the ITA.

Minister Al Mansouri also noted that in 2013 the UAE's total value of trade in information technology products, covered by ITA, stood at Dh29.6 billion as follows: Dh19.8 billion in imports, around Dh393 million in exports and Dh9.6 billion in re-exports.

The UAE Cabinet, in November 2014 and in accordance with the directives of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, approved the designation of 2015 as the Year of Innovation, as part of a plan to make the UAE a world innovative leader.

The Cabinet then directed all federal government bodies to boost cooperation and to revise their policies to develop a nurturing environment for innovation. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Central Bank to issue commemorative dirham for Dubai Crown Prince's accession day

posted on 01/02/2015

The Central Bank of the UAE on Sunday announced that it will be issuing, with effect from Sunday, a commemorative dirham on the occasion of the accession day of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohamed bin Rashid bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai.

The Central Bank said that the new commemorative dirham will be put in circulation through its branches as per usual practice.

The following are the general specifications of the new commemorative dirham: 1. Diameter: 24.0 mm.

2. Weight: 6.10 gms.

3. Alloy: 5 Nickel.

20 Copper.

8 Nickel.

Plating deposit on steel core (Ni -Cu-Ni).

4. The face of the dirham unchanged.

5. The back of the dirham depicts the logo of this occasion. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


UAE's Etihad Airways appoints first female Emirati airport manager

posted on 01/02/2015

Etihad Airways, the national airline of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), has appointed the first Emirati female airport manager in Japan.

Based in Nagoya, Fatima Al Kharousi will be responsible for overseeing the airline's operations at Chubu Centrair International Airport and the smooth operation of its daily service between Abu Dhabi and Nagoya.

Fatima joined Etihad Airways in 2009 as part of the Graduate Management Program, a structured 18 month training initiative that develops talented Emiratis who are carefully selected and trained in all aspects of airline operations.

After successfully completing the program, Fatima spent two years building up her experience of airport operations and was posted as Airport Duty Manager to a number of outstations across the airline's fast growing global network, including London, Manchester, and Singapore.

Fatima was then appointed as Assistant Airport Manager in Australia where she has been responsible for overseeing the smooth operations at Sydney's International Airport.

Chris Youlten, Etihad Airways' Senior Vice President Airport Operations, said, "Fatima has demonstrated a strong understanding of airport operations and has a track record of performing consistently and to the highest standards. We are confident that she is the ideal candidate to lead our operations in one of Japan's busiest airports." As part of developing the UAE national workforce and offering them the opportunity to gain international working experience, Etihad Airways had recently deployed more than 190 UAE nationals to various positions at the airline's offices and airport destinations across the Middle East, Europe, Asia, Australia and the Americas.

Commenting on her appointment, Fatima said, "I am excited to take on this new and challenging role to act as the focal point for all Etihad Airways' operations in Nagoya.

"I am thankful to Etihad Airways, for the excellent training opportunities as well as the support and encouragement that they have continuously provided me with and which has helped me while I was out stationed abroad, experiencing new cultures and being away from my family and friends.

Female employees make up 42 per cent of Etihad Airways' workforce and this includes more than 130 Emirati women in the airline's various management development programs, 34 pilots, 32 technical engineers and 49 females deployed in overseas positions across the airline's global network.

Ray Gammell, Chief People and Performance Officer, said, "As the national airline of the United Arab Emirates we are committed to growing and developing a highly qualified cadre of UAE Nationals – both female and male.

"We especially value the contributions that Emirati women make to our business and the important role they play in the day to day operations of the airline. We are particularly proud of Fatima whose hard work and dedication has led her to be entrusted with the critical role of airport manager in one of Japan's busiest airports." Fatima added, "I am proud of what I have accomplished so far and I am delighted to be the first Emirati woman to be trusted with the management of such an important airport. I look forward to taking on this new challenge and I am sure it will offer me the opportunity to grow and further develop myself professionally. I also hope that my accomplishment encourages many of my Emirati sisters to push the boundaries and reach their goals." – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Dubai World Central unveils Dh120mn supply chain development plan

posted on 01/02/2015

Dubai World Central's (DWC) Aviation District has announced a Dh 120 million plan to develop 45,000 square meters of new aerospace supply chain facilities.

The project, which is scheduled to be completed by the first quarter of next year, will feature a multi-purpose building for tenants that are a part of the aerospace supply chain. Catering specifically to small to medium enterprises in the global MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) sector, the buildings will comprise front offices and warehouse facilities.

Investors and MRO companies interested in the project are invited to access details from DWC Aviation District's stand at the MRO Middle East show being held at the Dubai Trade Centre from February 2-3, 2015.

Tahnoon Saif, Vice President, Aviation District, said: "This project marks the latest milestone in our journey to create value-added infrastructure for players across the aerospace supply chain spectrum. The location enjoys several benefits such as unrivalled access to both the Al Maktoum International Airport and the Jebel Ali Port. There are also productivity and efficiency benefits arising from the ‘cluster effect' with suppliers and collaborators present in proximity within the DWC Aviation District." The DWC Aviation District is a 6.7 square kilometre master planned district and adjacent to Al Maktoum International Airport. Beyond its aviation focus, the district will also offer well-defined zones for sectors such as hospitality, education, research and development, and mixed-used development. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Dewa issues models for rooftop solar panels

posted on 01/02/2015

The Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa) has released the standards for installing photovoltaic panels to produce electricity from solar power in buildings in Dubai.

The step supports the Smart Dubai initiative launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, to transform Dubai into the smartest city in the world. The standards help implement Dewa's first initiative, which allows customers to install photovoltaic panels to produce electricity from solar power in Dubai. Dewa has invited manufacturers to submit applications.

Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, issued resolution No. (46) for 2014, allowing customers to install photovoltaic (PV) panels for the production of electricity from solar power in buildings, and connect them to Dewa's grid.

This makes Dubai the first city in the Middle East to put in place a comprehensive framework at the legislative level that allows any customer to install PV generation systems. Any surplus of production will be fed into the electricity network.

An offset between exported and imported electricity units is conducted and the customer account is settled based on this offset.

"As part of our efforts to support the Green Economy for Sustainable Development initiative launched by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, and the Smart Dubai initiative to transform Dubai into the smartest city in the world, and to achieve the happiness and satisfaction of our customers about government services, we call upon all manufacturers of solar power equipment and tools to register their products as eligible for Dewa so that customers have a reference to start installing the solar systems as soon as possible according to the highest design qualification standards,” said Saeed Mohammed Al Tayer, managing director and CEO of Dewa.

"Dewa will periodically review the performance of these systems and their compatibility, and improve the process to ensure the solar power technologies are seamlessly integrated with the current power production systems,” added Al Tayer.

The eligibility criteria are described in the Standards for Distributed Renewable Resources Generators Connected to the Distribution Network, which set out the requirements for solar photovoltaic modules, inverters and interface protection systems, among other tools. Dewa will continuously review and update the standards to keep requirements updated on the latest available standards.

Contractors and consultants who install photovoltaic panels must use tools and equipment compatible with Dewa's standards before installing or connecting them to the grid. – Khaleej Times -§ion=uaebusiness


Ministry of Labour urges employers to take advantage of the six-month grace period for settling card offences

posted on 01/02/2015

A senior official from the Ministry of Labour (MoL) has urged employers to benefit from the six-month grace period given by the Cabinet to enable them to settle their labour card offences and pay only Dh1000 for each offence.

Humaid bin Deemas Al Suwaidi, Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs at the Ministry of Labour, said that the amnesty, which started 4 January and lasts until 30 June, allows all unpaid individual fines, no matter how large, to be reduced to Dh1,000, is a "golden opportunity" for employers, and warned that starting on 5 March, the ministry will impose new administrative fines including a Dh500 fine for not applying for or renewing an electronic labour permit for the employees within a 60-day period from their arrival in the country.

This fine, he noted, will increase by Dh500 for each month of delay, as approved by the Cabinet recently.

As from the first of July, the ministry will order employers to pay Dh4000 in cumulative fines for each violating electronic labour permit.

The official noted that by the beginning of 2016, the total value of each one of these cumulative fines will go up to Dh10,000 for each violation.

Bin Deemas also praised business owners for responding to the Cabinet's grace period and settling offences up to 31 December 2014.

Earlier this month, the Ministry of Labour said that 6,000 employees from 3,800 firms benefited from the fine settlement grace period after settling their labour card fines during the first 15 days from the implementation of the Cabinet's grace period decision.

The positive response enabled the employers to make financial savings worth Dh64 million, as firms paid only Dh6 million instead of the overdue amount of Dh70 million. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


ADNEC to offer wide range of career opportunities for UAE nationals at Tawdheef 2015

posted on 01/02/2015

Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC) is set to offer a wide range of career opportunities for qualified UAE nationals as part of its participation at Tawdheef 2015, articulating the company's ongoing commitment to supporting the UAE government's Emiratisation efforts.

Tawdheef 2015 is a leading recruitment fair, organised by Abu Dhabi Tawteen Council (ADTC) in association with Turret Media. The event is scheduled to run from 2 to 4 February, 2015.

Located in Hall 3, the 128 sqm ADNEC pavilion (3C20) is designed to create a job-seeker friendly atmosphere and provide applicants with greater convenience in finding information and available career opportunities within ADNEC's finance, project management, event management, marketing, sales, human resources, procurement and protocol management departments.

The ADNEC team will be on hand to receive visitors and guide them through the application process and resume submission at dedicated booths in the pavilion. The pavilion will also facilitate on-site interview and selection of qualified candidates.

Humaid Matar Al Dhaheri, Acting Group CEO of ADNEC, said, "Supporting the important role played by Tawdheef in achieving the Emiratisation goals of the UAE, ADNEC is fully committed to providing an ideal platform for job seekers to meet the representatives of major companies and government departments in the UAE.

"Through our participation in Tawdheef 2015, we aim to highlight ADNEC's leading status as an employer of choice for UAE nationals. This is aligned with our strategy to attract more Emirati job seekers to the MICE sector and enable them to eventually lead this vital industry as envisioned by Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030." ADNEC offers attractive career opportunities and benefits for qualified UAE nationals on par with the best industry standards. This includes unique on-the-job training opportunities in collaboration with ADNEC-owned ExCeL London, the largest event venue in London. This programme, along with many other specialised year-round training initiatives organised by ADNEC, aim to broaden the practical knowledge of our Emirati workforce and develop their leadership skills.

ADNEC's training programmes are carefully planned to help both existing staff as well as new hires to continuously develop their skills according to the requirements of each department and division within the company. As part of its priority to retain talent as the most valuable assets of the company, ADNEC provides performance-based promotions, as well as attractive employee-remuneration and incentive programmes.

Offering a unique opportunity for UAE national job aspirants to meet leading employers and develop career prospects, Tawdheef has successfully attracted thousands of job seekers in its past editions and created a large number of job opportunities in a variety of sectors.

Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company (ADNEC) is a strategic international venue development and management company. ADNEC's venue portfolio includes one of the most modern exhibition centres in the world: Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre, and the UK capital's largest exhibition and conference venue, ExCeL London, and Al Ain Convention Centre in Al Ain. ADNEC creates the ideal environment for Abu Dhabi's rapidly growing events industry. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Mansour bin Zayed: Khalifa, Mohamed bin Zayed behind Khalifa Foundation's success

posted on 01/02/2015

H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Presidential Affairs and Chairman of Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation has underscored the importance of joining the efforts of humanitarian agencies, inside the UAE and overseas, including humanitarian and relief operations and development aid, and the focusing of these efforts on fulfilling the real needs of poor countries as well as the UAE's aspirations for better humanitarian work and international efforts to counter humanitarian crises and disasters, respond to humanitarian appeals, reduce humanitarian suffering and preserve human dignity.

In a statement on the occasion of the release of the 2014 annual report of the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation, H.H. Sheikh Mansour said that the foundation's achievements would not have been possible without the noble directives given by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and the unlimited support extended by His Highness General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

He added that since the inception of the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation, H.H. Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed took special interest in providing foreign aid to fraternal and friendly countries with the aim of enhancing their development and bringing about a real change in the targeted communities through humanitarian and relief aid.

"The humanitarian vision of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan has become an unwavering approach in the UAE's policy which seeks to extend a helping hand to the needy in targeted communities for the sole purpose of alleviating their suffering regardless of any other considerations. This is evident in the Foundation's projects, achievements and initiatives in the eight years since its inception where it has reached out to around 70 countries.

"Among the unwavering humanitarian approaches pursued by the Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation is the tying of aid to development to alleviate the suffering of underprivileged people regardless of their religion, colour, race or gender as well as to help boost growth, create jobs and elevate the standards of living (in targeted communities)," added H.H. Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

According to its 2014 annual report, Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan Foundation focused its local efforts on helping Emirati families and engaging them in humanitarian action, sponsoring students and providing them healthy meals, while its overseas projects were mainly aimed at helping in the development of underprivileged communities through basic healthcare services and education. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Abu Dhabi Police warn against bank account fraud via Internet

posted on 01/02/2015

The Abu Dhabi Police warned against scam bank reports received by email, claiming suspicious money transfers to users' bank accounts, and the need to refer to the nearest police station.

According to the police, such scams are designed to steal victims' savings, should they respond to those international gangs operating from abroad. Some of these reports contain malware or phishing scams to trick people in order to get information like their bank account numbers, and passwords, which they will then use to steal their money.

Colonel Dr. Rashid Borshid, Head of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID), warned against the increasing number of cyber crimes, because cyber criminals can commit crime from anywhere in the world, especially online fraud and internet scams.

Elaborating on the details of the instance, Colonel Dr. Borshid said: "The Criminal Investigation Department had recently received complaints from people who were led to believe that they are wanted for questioning in connection with suspicious money transfers to their bank accounts. They claimed that they received a bank report including the name and address of a local bank in the letterhead, asking them to refer to the nearest police station." Colonel Dr. Borshid said that preliminary investigations have shown that the e-mails sent to victims are phony and from an unknown source; they are not sent by a local entity but from an overseas address, and include words and phrases in English such as "investigation" and "police".

Furthermore, Colonel Dr. Borshid warned the public against falling prey to such frauds and responding to any kind of threats that are aimed at making financial profit. "Such email scams are designed to undermine the security and safety of Internet users, and are a blatant attempt at extortion and offensive annoying actions," he continued.

Adding further, Head of the ADP Criminal Investigation Department (CID) called upon members of the public to be cautious and avoid responding to such misleading e-mails; so as to avoid falling prey to international gangs, which seek to steal victims' savings and destroy their social life.

He also emphasised that awareness is the first line of defence against these negative scourges and phenomena and stressed the need to check the origin of the received messages, and to quickly notify the relevant police authorities to allow them to track culprits promptly. He noted that enhancing awareness against such frauds contributes to better prevention and to maintaining the national gains and human resources against their risks. In conclusion, he highlighted the need to be wary of scam emails and to avoid downloading files or opening attachments in emails from unknown senders to avoid falling prey to cyber fraud and extortion.

The Security Media Department at the General Secretariat of the Office of His Highness Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior, has organised a community-based campaign to combat phone scams and online fraud. The campaign was supported by a number of government institutions and received great response from the public. It was also aimed at acquainting community members with the risks and negative aspects of modern technology. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Dubai Police discusses security arrangements for Expo 2020

posted on 01/02/2015

Dubai Police and a delegation from the World Expo Dubai 2020 discussed yesterday preparations for the UAE hosting of the international exhibition.

Brigadier Abdullah Ali Ghaithi, Director of the General Administration of security bodies, enterprises and Emergency at the Dubai Police, emphasised Dubai Police's full readiness to secure events regardless of their size and type.

The Dubai Police's event security committee, he said, were working day and night and were in contact with all Expo teams and other stakeholders to provide all security services to Expo 2020.

The committee, he indicated, were laying down security plans and scenarios for the global largest event that aims at educating the public, sharing innovation, promoting progress and fostering cooperation.

'Dubai's hosting of this mega event is yet another feather in its cap and we will do whatever in our power to present Dubai in a prestigious look before the world,' he stressed.

Omar Shehadeh, Director International Engagement, Dubai Expo 2020, praised the constructive cooperation between the organisers and other partners and stakeholders.

He added that the meeting was convened to update the event security committee on important topics that will ensure highest levels of security during the event.

He noted that Expo Dubai 2020 is an extraordinary event given its scope and the huge number of visitors and VIPs expected to attend and this will add heavy burden on Dubai Police.

In November 2013, the United Arab Emirates won the right to host the World Expo in Dubai in 2020. This will be the first time that the World Expo is staged in the Middle East, North Africa and South Asia (MENASA).

Dubai's World Expo is held under the theme of Connecting Minds, Creating the Future, echoing the powerful spirit of partnership and co-operation that has driven the UAE's success in pioneering new paths of development and innovation.

Expo 2020 Dubai is expected to attract 25 million visits, 70 per cent of which will be from overseas. This will be the first Expo in which the majority of visitors stem from beyond a nation's borders. Running from 20 October 2020 through 10 April 2021, the Expo will launch the country's Golden Jubilee celebration and serve as a springboard from which to inaugurate a progressive and sustainable vision for the coming decades. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


4775 vehicles seized in Abu Dhabi last year due to over speeding

posted on 01/02/2015

The Traffic and Patrols Directorate at Abu Dhabi Police seized 4775 vehicles last year for driving at dangerous speeds, exceeding 200 Km/h, posing a tremendous risk to other drivers and road users.

Brigadier Eng. Hussein Ahmed Al Harithi, Director of Traffic and Patrols Directorate, warned drivers against reckless driving. He pointed out that all legal necessary actions were taken against drivers for driving dangerously which causes horrifying traffic accidents that often lead to fatalities and serious injuries.

He called upon drivers to adhere to designated speed limits, which were set after thoroughly studying the traffic flows.

Al Harithi explained that the locations of speed radars and cameras in Abu Dhabi, has been pre announced. Drivers were warned to comply and reduce speeds for their safety and the safety of other road users.

"The higher the speed is, the less time there is to stop - which makes it more difficult to avoid traffic accident," he said. "It is imperative that motorists respect the legal speed limits in order to avoid traffic accidents that may lead to fatalities and serious injuries." He said, "vehicles will be impounded for a month, and the driving license will get 12 black points and a fine of Dh1000. These penalties will be imposed on drivers exceeding the speed limits by 60 Km/h. Drivers will be prosecuted in case of repeating the offense." He reiterated the keenness of the Abu Dhabi Police to elevate the level of the traffic awareness among drivers in both public and private sectors, and to emphasise the importance of adhering to designated speed limits, as well as to intensify traffic control through patrols and speed radars.

Brigadier Al Harithi also indicated that a total of 10,000 drivers from public and private sectors have benefited from the 169 awareness programs and lectures during the past year. "These programs and lectures aim to enhance the levels of adherence to fixed speeds limits that have been designated on the signage alongside roads," he said Brigadier Al Harithi reiterated his appeal to the various segments of the community to further enhance their efforts and initiatives aimed at promoting the culture of safe driving and to abide by speed limits in a bid to prevent traffic accidents that are caused by speeding. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Medical plane to airlift three Emirati hammer attacked sisters in London to UAE

posted on 01/02/2015

LONDON: In implementation of the directives of His Highness General Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, a medical plane will bring the three Emirati sisters, who were injured in a hammer attack in their London hotel room, back home this evening.

The UAE Embassy in London said that the three sisters had been under treatment for 10 months.

The Embassy added that the Southwark Court has sentenced Philip Spence, who had attacked the three Emirati sisters, to an additional nine years in prison, bringing to 27 years the total period he will stay behind bars. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Dubai Duty Free announces J.P. Morgan as new sponsor of Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships

posted on 01/02/2015

Dubai Duty Free announced an important new sponsor of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships yesterday, with international US based bank J.P. Morgan signing a strategic sponsorship agreement to become the "Exclusive Bank Sponsor"- in the Wholesale Banking category.

The agreement will see J.P. Morgan supporting a range of programmes and initiatives which focus on building a strong legacy in the community through the tournament, which began in 1993 and regularly attracts the top tennis players in the world.

Colm McLoughlin, Executive Vice Chairman of Dubai Duty Free said, " We are delighted to announce J.P. Morgan as a new and significant sponsor of the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships. J.P. Morgan has a proud history of supporting a variety of major events and community initiatives around the world, and we look forward to developing this valued partnership over the coming years.

"We're pleased to support the event as further testament of the firm's commitment to this vibrant community" says Sjoerd Leenart, Senior Country Officer for J.P. Morgan Middle East, Turkey and Africa.

Among the programmes to be supported by J.P. Morgan are the immensely popular WTA and ATP Kids' Days, which are a key element of the community outreach activities associated with the event. The Kids' Days are held on the first day of competition each week during the Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships, and see thousands of children from schools in the UAE and the region participate in an engaging and interactive tennis clinic, and meet top ranked players.

J.P. Morgan will also be working with Dubai Duty Free on other grassroots and community related initiatives to develop talented local players in the region, and to provide opportunities for aspiring future champions to improve their skills.

The 2015 Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships begins with the WTA event, which takes place between 15th and 21st February and features world number one Serena Williams, defending champion Venus Williams, former winners Petra Kvitova, Caroline Wozniacki and Agnieszka Radwanska, and former world number one Ana Ivanovic. Play then continues between 23rd and 28th February with the action-packed ATP tournament featuring world number one Novak Djokovic, defending champion Roger Federer, and previous finalists Andy Murray and Tomas Berdych.

The Dubai Duty Free Tennis Championships is owned and organised by Dubai Duty Free, and held under the patronage of Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Rory McIlroy surges clear of Dubai Desert Classic chasing pack

posted on 01/02/2015

Golf, the chasing pack were keen to assert at the end of round 3 at Emirates Golf Club, is a funny old game.

So maybe Rory McIlroy will not win the Omega Dubai Desert Classic. By the same logic, perhaps the Sheikh Zayed Road will be closed because heavy snowfall has made driving conditions treacherous.

Crowning the world No 1 champion on the basis of the fact that, at 20-under par, he holds a four-shot lead over the rest would be slightly premature. Cautionary tales are, after all, fresh in the memory.

McIlroy himself finished second at the Abu Dhabi HSBC Golf Championship two weeks ago, an event chiefly memorable for Martin Kaymer throwing away a 10-shot lead on the final afternoon.

It would take an equally extraordinary turn of events for him to be denied. Still, the Northern Irishman is urging caution.

"I've been in this position many times before so I know the pitfalls that are waiting out there,” said McIlroy, who has been runner up in his past three tournaments.

"It is just a matter of sticking to the same game plan, being aggressive, making committed swings and giving myself as many chances for birdie as I can.”

Even by his own lofty standards, the 25-year-old star's form this week has been sublime. He went out in 30 strokes in round 3, the lowest front nine score in the competition's history.

The pursuit of perfection, and the course record of 61, proved frustrating, though, as McIlroy's form suddenly turned cold after missing a short putt for birdie at the par-5 10th.

After five birdies in the first eight holes, he registered just one more on the way in, and needed a 20-foot putt at the last for par after finding the water with his approach. Par duly saved, he is currently on a run of 36 holes without a dropped shot.

That brief aesthetic blemish at the 18th was brought about because he goes out without a 3-iron in his bag. With 205 yards to the green, and a 4-iron or a 5-wood to decide between, he plumped for the iron. And just failed to make it.

"It was a good shot and if it had been on the fairway it was probably a good yardage for me,” he said.

"But out of the semi-rough, I needed to step on it and I just didn't quite get it there.”

Morten Orum Madsen's remarkable rise from fearing the cut-line after round one, to title contender 18 holes later extended into day 3, which he finished in second place.

The little known Dane has barely warranted a mention so far, even though he shot the lowest score of the second round, a 63, and backed it up with a 66 on Saturday.

When McIlroy is in town, everyone else tends to get overshadowed, but Madsen is happy to be in contention. He will go out in the final three-ball in vaunted company, alongside McIlroy and another former world No 1, Lee Westwood.

"He's on such a fantastic run, he deserves it,” Madsen said of the world No 1's headline monopoly.

"Rory is the best golfer in the world right now and it's not looking like he's going to falter, but if he does, somebody's going to be there to take it.”

Westwood was not in Abu Dhabi when Kaymer had his implosion two weeks ago, and said he did not watch it, either.

However, he has personal experience of the fact the final afternoon of tournament play does not always follow the expected story plan.

"I've been 10 behind somebody with nine holes to play and they have made a good putt on 17 to stay one in front,” Westwood said after his third round 69. "Golf's a funny game and anything can happen out there.”

The defending two-time champion Stephen Gallacher is in the penultimate group out this morning, seven shots off the leader.

"You've just got to try and put as a low a number as you can on the board and see what happens from there,” Gallacher said. – The National -


Exciting times ahead for DSF: Laila Suhail

posted on 01/02/2015

As the curtain comes down on the 20th edition of the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) today (February 1), its lead organiser promised residents and visitors they have much to look forward to in the coming years as DSF grows with the city.

In an interview with Gulf News, Laila Suhail, CEO of the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment (DFRE) that organises DSF, said the growth of the shopping festival has always been intertwined with the growth of Dubai. And with Dubai's positive outlook for the coming years, the same could be said of the festival that has helped changed lives and Dubai's landscape for the past two decades.

"The past 20 years have been an amazing journey for DSF, and even more exciting times are definitely ahead,” Laila said. "As it has proven in the past, DSF will continue to grow, innovate and excel, and remain true to its long-standing universal theme, ‘One World. One Family. One Festival.'”

DSF was launched at a time when people thought of coming to Dubai mainly for business purposes. In those days, in 1996, family tourism was not the city's strengths. But much has changed since.

In just 20 years, Dubai has seen unprecedented growth — the opening of iconic landmarks like the Burj Khalifa, The Palm Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, and many other malls — that made it easy to come up with family tourism packages and city-wide events for DSF.

Even Dubai's retail landscape has matured from traditional souqs to more organised consumer sales featuring local and international brands, chain stores, and many others.

But this development over the last 20 years can be considered just the beginning, Laila said.

"As you are aware, Dubai has many mega projects either under way or in the pipeline such as the Sheikh bin Rashid City and Mall of the World, and such economic activity will contribute immensely towards strengthening the appeal of DSF to a global audience.”

"Thus, DFRE is taking advantage of the positive economic environment that prevails in Dubai to chart its plans for the future editions of DSF. All our festivals, including DSF, are also part of efforts to support tourism growth in line with Dubai's Tourism Vision 2020.”

The vision for 2020 is to attract 20 million visitors annually. Currently, DSF contributes an average of 4.5 million visitors for the first month of the year alone.

"That DSF has benefited from Dubai's rapid growth is also evident in the fact that Dubai has become a global retail hub and is currently ranked only second to London as a city with the largest collection of global retail brands. The presence of top retail groups has certainly played an important part in luring shoppers to Dubai during DSF,” she said.

The 2014 Global Retail Development Index ranks the UAE 4th among 30 developing countries that have the most potential for retail investment, with retail sales in the UAE reaching a growth of five per cent in 2013 at US$66 billion (Dh242.2 billion). The index also cited Dubai's winning the bid to host the 2020 World Expo as a reflection of "the country's bright future”.

Incubator of Emirati leaders

But not only has DSF benefited retailers and, in turn, Dubai's economy. It has also provided the necessary training ground for Emiratis. As a result, a former DSF pioneer said DSF became an incubator for leaders.

Among them is Laila, who has headed the current DFRE team since 2008 and has been part of DSF before it was launched in 1996.

"DSF and similar government-driven events organised by DFRE have not only created life-changing opportunities for tens of thousands of people from around the world but have also become a platform for hundreds of Emiratis to benefit from the valuable experience and on-the-job training it offers in the areas of management, events, marketing and communications,” she said.

"In fact, DSF is a stepping stone for success for talented young Emiratis as it not only offers career opportunities for local talent but also prepares them for leadership roles. Many of our staff have gone on to occupy key positions in government and the private sector,” she added.

As the festival turned 12 in 2008, Laila took on the reins of leading the team and coming up with strategies to make festivals have an even stronger impact.

"It was both a great honour and a huge challenge to have been entrusted with this important responsibility in 2008, especially since I was the first woman to assume this mantle after a string of great male leaders. However, I was extremely confident that with the support and guidance of Dubai's leadership, all of us at DFRE would be constantly motivated to ensure the continued success of Dubai Shopping Festival.”

Since then, a group of 50 dedicated staff from different committees, both in the private and public sector, have played an equally crucial role behind the scenes in the day-to-day running of the festival.

DSF may draw to a close today but Laila said they will just rest for a while but, in no time, go into "preparation mode [again] with all efforts geared towards conceptualising, strategising and planning the next edition of the festival”. – Gulf News -