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UAE, Nigeria wrap up negotiations on judicial cooperation

posted on 02/03/2015

UAE and Nigerian officials have concluded three days of negotiations on ways to boost legal and judicial cooperation.

The first and final round of negotiations discussed treaties on areas such as Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters, Judicial Cooperation on Civil and Commercial Matters, and on Extradition of Criminals and Transport of Convicted People. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Mohammed bin Rashid issues law establishing UAE Water Aid Foundation, Decree forming its Board of Trustees

posted on 02/03/2015

In his capacity as Ruler of Dubai, Vice President and Prime Minster, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, has issued Law No. (3) of 2015 establishing the ‘UAE Water Aid Foundation', a non-profit organisation. The foundation will be annexed to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA).

Sheikh Mohammed also issued Decree No. (8) of 2015, forming the Board of Trustees of the UAE Water Aid Foundation, chaired by Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) and membership of representatives from Ministry of International Cooperation and Development, UAE Red Crescent Authority, UAE University, Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research, and in addition to two representatives from DEWA.

Pursuant to the Law, the Board of Trustees is valid for three renewable years. This decree is considered valid from the date of issuance and to be published in the Official Gazette As defined by the Law No (3), objectives of the foundation include bolstering UAE's contribution as a key player in international sustainable development and humanitarian work. The new foundation is tasked with finding sustainable solutions to water shortage through the use of solar energy to desalinate and purify water. The foundation also aims to improve access to safe water, hygiene and sanitation in the world's poorest communities.

The law details the terms of reference which include providing drinking water to disadvantaged people around the world and developing permanent solutions to water scarcity using modern technologies. As per the law, the foundation is entitled to finance and support water technologies projects combating drought as well as developing sustainable solutions to water purification and desalination using solar energy.

Moreover, the foundation will support partnerships with regional and international NGOs, institutions, national governments, service providers and private sectors to overcome water shortage. Pursuant to the Law, the foundation can raise funds and collect donations in support of researches and studies towards production of clean water using solar energy and other innovative solutions to help millions around the world who suffer from scarcity of drinking water.

In June 2014, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum launched the UAE Water Aid ‘Suqia' campaign to provide access to fresh drinking water for five million persons who suffer from shortage of drinking water in different parts of the world. The campaign has surpassed its target achieving more than Dh180 million, enough to provide water to seven million persons. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


UAE Attorney General: Accused of Al Reem Island crime referred to Supreme Court

posted on 02/03/2015

The UAE Attorney General, Counsellor Salem Saeed Kubaish, has said that Alaa Bader Abdullah, the accused in the case of the crime known as Al Reem Island killing, has been referred to the Federal Supreme Court for the hearing of charges brought against her, i.e., the deliberate killing of the victim Ibolya Ryan, stabbing her with a knife, and then proceeding to attempt to kill the residents of an apartment in the Al Habtoor building on Abu Dhabi Corniche by planting a crude explosive device near the door of the flat, attempting to ignite a detonator fuse aimed at killing the residents, a crime which was not completed to the fuse not working.

She was also accused of charges of "collecting explosive materials, which is prohibited to be assembled by law, without a license, and established and managed electronically an account on the internet under a pseudonym with a view to promoting ideas of a terrorist group, publishing through this account information intended to distort the reputation, prestige and stature of the state and undermine its figures, in addition to funding a terrorist organisation knowing that it will be used in terrorist acts, and that she committed those crimes with terrorist intent to cause death, to stir up fear among people, to compromise the prestigious stature of the state and threaten its security and stability." The Attorney General said the charges were filed against the accused after extensive investigations which revealed that before committing her crime, the accused listened to lectures by Osama bin Laden and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, (leaders of al-Qaeda), watched video clips of killings and beheadings perpetrated by terrorist groups and then read articles about terrorist acts, which influenced her beliefs, turning her into a proponent of these destructive and terrorist ideologies.

At a later stage, he added, she embraced the takfiri and jihadist ideology and then engaged in terrorist acts in support of the terrorist organisations al-Qaeda and Daesh, and through her disguised e-account on the internet of violent and terrorist groups, she promoted and published audio-visual and print materials of terrorist groups.

The Attorney General said that the accused donated funds to al-Qaeda with the aim of financing terrorist operations inside the UAE. 'The accused committed her crime against a foreign resident (a US woman) in a shopping centre to spread terror among both expatriate residents and visitors and embarrass and undermine the State authorities globally." He added that the accused had confessed in detail to investigators to have committed these crimes. During these investigations, the Attorney General emphasised that the accused was provided with all legal guarantees. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


ERC delegation travels to Philippines to launch number of development projects

posted on 02/03/2015

An Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, delegation, headed by Dr. Hamdan Musallam Al Mazrouei, Chairman of the ERC, will travel to the Philippines capital city Manila tomorrow, to inaugurate a number of projects and vital facilities in health and education sectors.

The project comes within three agreements signed by the authority with the Philippines government to assess the damage caused by typhoon Haiyan in two provinces of the Philippines last year.

Secretary-General of the ERC, Mohammed Ateeq Al Falahi, said that the agreements come within the authority's efforts to follow up the typhoon victims situation and to observe the results of the efforts made by several delegations relief conducted visits to the Philippines after the occurrence of Haiyan, in coordination with local authorities and in cooperation with the UAE Embassy in Manila.

Al Falahi added that the ERC delegation will sign a number of agreements in coordination with the Philippines Red Cross to implement the second phase of the relief programme which comes in implementation of directives of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, for humanitarian aid worth ten million dollars for the relief of Haiyan victims as well as rebuilding affected hospitals and schools. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


ERC opens health and service projects in Erbil camps

posted on 02/03/2015

ERBIL: The Emirates Red Crescent, ERC, yesterday opened a number of health and service projects in the camps of displaced Iraqis in Erbil, Iraqi Kurdistan Region, in order to provide more comprehensive care to tens of thousands of displaced people coming to the region from neighbouring provinces as a result of the escalation of events in the region.

The projects of the ERC included two health clinics, a bakery project and a lighting project, which serves more than three thousand displaced people.

The ERC delegation was headed by Dr. Mohammad Atiq Al Falahi, Secretary-General of the ERC and with the membership of Saeed Suhail Al Mazroui, Director of International Aid Management, and a number of volunteers, accompanied by Rashid Mohammed Al Mansouri, Consul-General of the UAE in Erbil, and representatives of the Barzani Charity Foundation, which launched the projects to make a quantum leap in improving the lives of the displaced.

Dr. Muhammad Atiq Al Falahi stressed that these projects embody the keen interest of the wise leadership of the UAE led by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, to alleviate the suffering of displaced Iraqis and stand by them in difficult circumstances that have affected much of their lives.

Al Falahi said that these projects came to light thanks to the support of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces and the follow up of H.H. Sheikh Hamdan bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Ruler's Representative in the Western Region and Chairman of the Emirates Red Crescent. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Somalis injured in Mogadishu blast to receive treatment at UAE hospitals upon directives of President

posted on 02/03/2015

Upon the directives of President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and follow up of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces, a number of Somalis injured in the terrorist attack on a Mogadishu Hotel in the Somali capital, Mogadishu, arrived here yesterday evening.

The attack claimed the lives of 11 people, and left many others injured.

The injured were received at the airport by UAE Ambassador to Somalia Mohammed Ahmed Osman Al Hammadi, Somali Ambassador to UAE Abdelkadir Sheikhey Mohammed Al-Hatimi and a number of UAE health officials. The ambulances were ready to pick up and rush the injured to the hospitals, which were already prepared to receive them.

Al Hammadi said the injured were admitted to a number of UAE hospitals, adding that six of them were rushed to the Zayed Military Hospital, three to Al Mafraq and three others were referred to Al Ain Hospital to receive treatment.

"The move reflects the UAE's solidarity with the people of Somalia in the face of terrorism and extremism," he said, noting that the arrival of 12 injured Somalis and four companions, comes within the framework of humanitarian initiative of the UAE leadership of Sheikh Khalifa, Vice President and Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum and Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed, who have been backing Somalia since the crisis begun in that Horn of Africa nation.

On his part, Al Hatimi thanked the UAE leadership for its continuous support to the people of Somalia, saying, "This support is not new and had started during the days of the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. Somalis will never forget these generosities of the UAE." Meanwhile, the injured commended the stance of the UAE, referring to the humanitarian gesture of the UAE President. They wished the UAE President and Emirati people well.

They also expressed their satisfaction at having arrived in the UAE, where they will receive better care at the hospitals. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


ADP Forensic Evidence Department identifies DNA typing of archaeological bone samples

posted on 02/03/2015

The Forensic Evidence Department at Abu Dhabi Police has announced that it has succeeded in achieving a complete DNA profile match of two bone powder samples. One of the samples is approximately 400 years, the second dates back some 150 years. The Forensic Evidence Department at Abu Dhabi Police was one of only three out of 18 laboratories around the world to have correctly matched both samples.

Tests were conducted at the Faculty of Medicine at Charles University, in collaboration with the Forensic DNA Service Institute, FDNAS, and other international forensic research institutes in Prague, Czech Republic.

Brigadier Abdul Rahman Al Hammadi, Head of the Forensic Evidence Department, said that both samples were collected from archaeological excavations and provided by the National Museum and Institute of Archaeology in Prague. He also noted that based on burial pattern and archaeological artefacts discovered in the excavation site, the samples are estimated to be 150-400 years old.

He also explained that the tests were conducted by examiners from the Forensic Biology Laboratory of the Forensic Evidence Department at Abu Dhabi Police, which enjoys a prestigious reputation as one of the most sophisticated laboratories in the region and includes an elite team of highly trained and certified experts and professionals.

Lieutenant Ahmad Anwar Al Afifi, Forensic Evidence technician, said that the case study was designed to test the efficiency of old bone sample analysis at various forensic laboratories worldwide. The laboratories were asked to conduct DNA profiling from two different bone powder samples, dating back 150 years and 400 years respectively.

Lieutenant Al Affifi also noted that all participating laboratories achieved a 100% match of the DNA profile on the first sample; however, identifying the DNA profile of the second sample that dates back 400 years represented a considerable challenge.

Elaborating on the case, Lieutenant Al Affifi indicated that according to the test results, 13 laboratories had identified the complete DNA profile of the first sample, and was a match to the DNA typing stored in their database. Three laboratories, including the Forensic Biology Laboratory of the Forensic Evidence Department at Abu Dhabi Police, were able to achieve 100% match of the DNA profile of both samples. This proves the high-end quality of performance of the laboratory in conducting such tests, and positions the lab among the world's most advanced laboratories, as one of only three laboratories that achieved a 100% match DNA profile on the second sample.

In conclusion, Lieutenant Al Affifi said that this achievement is a prestigious addition to the record of the Forensic Evidence Laboratory at Abu Dhabi Police, and proves its readiness to conduct such globally recognised tests. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Shell Eco-marathon: UAE team suffers setback

posted on 02/03/2015

MANILA: A team from the UAE suffered a setback in the Shell Eco-marathon, where students from across the globe are testing their ultra-efficient vehicles.

Without Limits, from the Higher College of Technology in Ruwais, had an accident in their ultra-efficient diesel-operated vehicle. "If we don't have accidents, we won't learn. Today, I learnt,” said Ibrahim Al Nadabi, a team member.

No one was injured and the car suffered minor damage to the left body frame, which was immediately repaired.

The team manager Abdulaziz Almeiri blamed the track's clockwise direction. "It's very counter-intuitive trying to steer to the right compared to last year's [counter] clockwise direction,” he said.

Three Emirati teams are competing against 126 other groups to find out who can build the most fuel-efficient car.

Shell's technical adviser Norman Koch said that the new circuit was more challenging, and as a result he doesn't "expect to see the same distances as in previous years”.

Manila is the first stop on a three-phase tour of the eco-marathon, which then heads to Detroit in April and concludes in Rotterdam, the Netherlands in May.

The eco-marathon began as a friendly bet between Shell scientists in Illinois to see who could drive their car the farthest on one gallon of fuel in 1939. It has turned into a global event to encourage engineering students to explore new techniques for fuel efficiency. – The National -


Sheikh Abdullah Al Qasimi wins Sharjah Rally

posted on 02/03/2015

Sheikh Abdullah Al Qasimi won the Sharjah Rally after a great battle with Mohammed Ben Sulayem. Al Qasimi then paid a tribute to the 14-times FIA Middle East Champion for a stirring comeback 12 years after retiring from competitive motor sport.

"Mohammed was much faster on the technical sections, and it was as if he had never been away," said Al Qasimi, who was partnered by Ghaby Khoury in a Mitsubishi Evo 9 for the second round of the UAE Rally Championship.

They had a winning margin of 45 seconds over Sulayem and his long-time Irish co-driver Ronan Morgan, who were back together in the Ford Escort WRC which they took to victory in the 1999 Jordan International Rally before the car was retired.

A time penalty accounted for 30 of those seconds, and but for mechanical problems in the 20-year old Escort it might have been a different story at the finish on Saturday.

Oman's Khalid Al Manji and Saif Al Aisiri in a Subaru Impreza took third place, and the top six was completed by two more Omanis, Faisal Al Rashidi and Walid Al Rashidi in another Subaru, Emiratis Ali Mater Al Ketbi and Rabab Al Tajir in a Nissan Patrol, and Saudi Arabia's Ibrahim Al Mohana with the UAE's Rashid Al Ketbi in another Nissan Patrol.

Sheikh Abdullah was full of praise for Sulayem at the finish, and both men are determined to work together to bring about a revival of rallying in the UAE where it has fallen behind other motor sport disciplines in recent years.

"Mohammed's car had been parked for the last 15 years and it gave him problems," said Al Qasimi, founder and President of the Emirates Motorsport Club, organisers of the UAE National Rally Championship. But he was back up to speed. Really, he was the winner.

"We are trying our best to revive rallying, and it seems to be coming back better than I had expected, but now I hope it will go better and better. We are working together as friends to rebuild the spirit of rallying. We want to bring a new generation of drivers into this sport, and I think in the next rally we will see many more." Sulayem said, "Getting in a rally car for the first time in 12 years, the memories came flooding back and it was fun. But this is not about me. It's about encouraging youth to come into rallying.

"Abdullah is doing a great job to bring more drivers into the sport. He is working hard and I'm very grateful to him. This was a very well organised rally, supported by the Government of Sharjah, and we will work together now to attract the next generation of drivers." Sulayem had not competed since scoring his 15th victory in the Dubai International Rally in December 2002, but he won the first special stage, beating Al Qasimi by one second, despite a broken rear drive shaft.

That meant he was reduced to 2WD power on the next stage which Al Qasimi won by 43 seconds. Sulayem took the next three stages to close the gap to 15 seconds, but his challenge faded when he lost fuel pressure and punctured on the last stage. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –