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Mercury to show its true colours

Posted on 23/04/2008

Star-gazers look up and watch a blissful sight in the eastern horizon ¬ the most elusive Planet Mercury will entertain your eyes and mind. The planet is the most difficult of the five brightest planets to see, because it's the planet closest to the sun, it never strays too far from the sun's vicinity in the sky. Chairman of Adco Astronomy Club and member of Abu Dhabi Heritage Club and amateur astronomer in the UAE, Mohammed Talib Al Salami said the night sky of Wednesday will be brightened ...  >>MORE

Lunar eclipse to be visible in Western Region

Posted on 17/02/2008

A lunar eclipse will be visible in the Western Region on February 21, the Emirates Astronomical Society (EAS) announced yesterday. The eclipse will also be visible in the western parts of Africa, Europe, the Atlantic Ocean and many parts of the two Americas. Engineer Mohammed Shuwkat Awda, rapporteur of the EAS and Chairman of the Islamic Crescents Observation Project (ICOP) said, "The moon will set before completion of all phases of eclipse in most parts of Asia. These areas will only see ...  >>MORE

Venus hides behind moon in rare event

Posted on 19/06/2007

Star gazers and astronomy buffs in Dubai had the good fortune to watch on Monday night a rare celestial activity called the Venus Occultation when the planet Venus disappears behind the moon for a period of time. The activity was visible for about 25 minutes from 7.55 p.m. to the crowd of people gathered in Mamzar Park to watch the beautiful spectacle. The evening star later re-appeared from behind the crescent moon. According to Hassan Ahmad of the Dubai Astronomy Group, the occultation ...  >>MORE

Total lunar eclipse delights stargazers across country

Posted on 05/03/2007

The moon turned into a shade of copper red as it was fully eclipsed by the earth early morning yesterday. Stargazers in the UAE were delighted to watch the cosmic activity. The total lunar eclipse was fully visible in the country. The partial phase of the eclipse started at 1.34am yesterday morning and lasted till 5.48am. The full phase of the eclipse began at 3.24am and ended at 4am. Total lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth and moon are all in alignment, and the moon travels into ...  >>MORE

Captivating eclipse

Posted on 01/03/2007

The Emirates Astronomical Society has announced that a total lunar eclipse will be visible in the UAE on Saturday. The eclipse will be total in Western Asia, Africa and Europe and partial in Eastern and Central Asia, Australia and the Western Hemisphere. It will begin at 9.16pm on Saturday and end at 5.25am on Sunday. (Gulf News) ...  >>MORE

UAE organises an international astronomical conference

Posted on 11/12/2006

Emirates Astronomical Society, in cooperation with the Islamic Crescents Observation Project and the Centre for Documentation and Research, will organize here an International Astronomy Conference on 13th and 14th December. The gathering's main objective is to solve the continuing Islamic problems of the determination of crescent/Hijri months, particularly for Ramadan and Eids. To achieve this it will focus on presenting the latest knowledge on crescent visibility and prayer time ...  >>MORE

Partial lunar eclipse to occur today

Posted on 07/09/2006

A partial lunar eclipse will be visible today in the UAE, other Arab nations and European countries, the Emirates Astronomy Association (EAA) has announced. The moon will get into the semi shadow area at 4.42pm(GMT). The moon will be under the full shadow at 6pm. The lunar eclipse will come to an end at 9pm(GMT. (Khaleej Times) ...  >>MORE

Suhail star to be visible this week

Posted on 19/08/2006

The Arabic named star Suhail, or Lambda Velorum, will be seen in the UAE before sunrise starting from August 24. The star Suhail in the constellation Vela will be visible near the southern horizon and can be seen until late winter in the Arabian peninsula. On August 24 every year it appears in the sky, and reaches it highest altitude of 12 degrees above the southern horizon by the end of December. According to the International Astronomical Union (IAU), apart from a limited number of ...  >>MORE

Four planets create rare celestial line-up

Posted on 26/06/2006

Star gazers are in for a spectacular view this month starting today when four planets appear in close alignment near the moon for a few days. Mercury, Mars, Saturn and Jupiter will be visible starting this evening and surround the crescent in what astronomers promise will be a magnificent sight. With each passing day, the celestial view will change. On June 27, the crescent will be between Mercury and Saturn, and it will then be between Saturn and Mars the next day. By July 5, the moon will ...  >>MORE

Today's partial eclipse can be viewed across UAE

Posted on 29/03/2006

Astronomy enthusiasts can view this afternoon's partial solar eclipse from various observation points across the UAE. The Emirates Astronomical Society (EAS) will set up an observation platform at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation, and the American University of Sharjah's physics department (AUS) will hold its platform on campus. Both viewpoints will be fully equipped with filtered telescopes, solar scopes and eclipse glasses. Astronomy groups are encouraging the public to view the solar ...  >>MORE

Partial Eclipse over UAE on Wednesday 29th March

Posted on 26/03/2006

Emirates Astronomical Society announced that the UAE and all other Arab countries will see next Wednesday a partial solar eclipse. Some parts of Libya and Egypt, however, will see a total eclipse. The longest duration of this total eclipse will be in southern Libya, therefore it will be the best place in the world to watch the event, in good weather conditions, Mohammed Shawkat Awda of the Emirates Astronomical Society said. The highest percentage of the eclipse will be visible from Ras ...  >>MORE

'Rare' lunar eclipse visible on Wednesday

Posted on 12/03/2006

A lunar eclipse will be visible from the UAE at dawn on March 15. However, it will be a penumbral eclipse and so just a slight decrease in brightness will be observed on the surface of the moon, an astronomer said yesterday. "This tenuous change, which is difficult to notice, is contrary to most spectacular images that total or partial moon eclipses usually offer," said Ebrahim Mousa Obaidullah, member of the Arab Astronomical Society. The eclipse, he said, will begin at 1.21am UAE time, ...  >>MORE

Mars set to appear bigger and brighter

Posted on 25/10/2005

Planet watchers will have a spectacular opportunity to see Mars brighter and bigger, as Earth and the red planet will be closest to each other on October 30 at 7.19am UAE time, an astrophysicist said. "The variation in the distance between the two planets is a result of their non-circular orbits around the Sun," said Dr Nidhal Guessoum, astrophysicist at the American University of Sharjah. He added: "Over the next few weeks, Mars will be at its brightest since August 2003. It will outshine ...  >>MORE

Hundreds watch celestial event

Posted on 04/10/2005

Yesterday's celestial spectacle attracted a huge number of spectators. A 100-strong crowd gathered at the Emirates Astronomy Association to witness the annular eclipse. During the rare event the moon masks the sun like a black plate, leaving a bright, fiery rim. The spectacle began at 1.44pm and peaked at 2.50pm, In Abu Dhabi the Emirates Astronomy Association organised a viewing platform for the public at the Cultural Foundation. Organisers put up three huge, powerful telescopes, one of them ...  >>MORE

Association to set up platforms to watch partial solar eclipse

Posted on 03/10/2005

The Emirates Astronomy Association will organise viewing platforms for the public to watch the partial solar eclipse the UAE will witness this afternoon. Using telescopes with filters, the association will project the image of the sun on to a huge screen at the Abu Dhabi Cultural Foundation from the beginning to the end of the eclipse, said Mohammad Ouda, the officer in charge of activities at the association. The eclipse will start at 1.47pm in the UAE, reach its maximum at 2.59pm and end at ...  >>MORE

UAE star watchers to witness solar eclipse on Monday

Posted on 30/09/2005

An eclipse of the sun will occur on Monday and will be visible in the UAE, an astrophysicist said yesterday. "This will be an 'annular' eclipse, that is the moon will not cover the sun completely, and a thin outer ring [annulus] of the sun will be visible at the time of maximum eclipse," Dr Nidhalm Guessoum, astrophysicist at the American University, told Gulf News yesterday. He added the eclipse will be annular in a narrow band extending from the Atlantic Ocean through the Iberian ...  >>MORE

Three planets to cluster in unique event

Posted on 22/06/2005

UAE stargazers can witness a rare astronomical event on Friday when Mercury, Venus and Saturn gather together the event has not occurred since 1990 according to astronomical sources. "Three planets, Venus [the brightest], Saturn and Mercury will cluster within five degrees of each other, or about the width of two fingers at full stretch and can be seen in the evening twilight in a direction between the west and northwest, 30 to 45 minutes after sunset. "They will be at their closest on June ...  >>MORE

Lunar eclipse tomorrow

Posted on 27/10/2004

The last total lunar eclipse until March 2007 will be visible in the UAE tomorrow (Thursday) but just for over half an hour. A misfortune for the country's amateur astronomers, nature lovers and celestial-event enthusiasts, the event will become visible in the UAE at 5.50 in the morning and continues through its different phases for almost five hours, finally concluding around 12 noon. The visibility of the eclipse will, however be affected by the moonset, which occurs tomorrow around 6.25am. ...  >>MORE

Venus leaves residents spellbound

Posted on 09/06/2004

Dubai/Abu Dhabi: At 9.18am on the dot yesterday and after 122 years, Venus kept its tryst with the sun as thousands of awe-struck residents watched it slow journey across the face of the sun. Michael M., an amateur astronomer, gasped: "No one should miss the opportunity to see this great event. I feel extremely lucky unlike astronomer Le Gentil in 1769 who waited for eight years for the Venus transit and traversed a huge portion of the world, braving the perils of a long sea voyage, but was ...  >>MORE

Venus' tryst with Sun begins at 9am today

Posted on 08/06/2004

Dubai/Abu Dhabi/Al Ain: Today, after 122 years, the planet Venus will move slowly across the face of the sun, appearing as a small black dot in a rare celestial spectacle. Known as the transit of Venus, it will be the sixth time that the event is seen – the first was in 1639. Dr Nidhal Guessoum, Astrophysicist at the American University of Sharjah, said: "The six-hour spectacle will be visible from 9am to 3pm in the UAE. Other parts of the Middle East, Europe, most of Africa and Asia will also ...  >>MORE

UAE is best place in the world to see transit of Venus

Posted on 29/05/2004

According to astronomers, the UAE will be the focus of the world on June 8, when the most unusual astronomical event - transit of Venus, returns for the first time in 122 years. "The UAE will be one of the best spots on the globe to view this extremely rare event. It will be marvellous to see Venus - the Earth's sister planet - passing in Front of the Sun," Khalfan Sultan Al Nuaimi, Chairman of the Emirates Astronomy Association, told Khaleej Times on Wednesday. He said preparations had ...  >>MORE

Stargazers gear up to view total lunar eclipse in UAE

Posted on 03/05/2004

Stargazers in the UAE will see a total eclipse of the moon late tomorrow night – an event that will not occur again until 2007. A lunar eclipse happens when the moon crosses the region inside the Earth's shadow, on the opposite side of the sun. A lunar eclipse only occurs during the cycle of a full moon, in other words in the middle of the lunar month. Because at this point the moon is at its closest point in its orbit around Earth, it will appear slightly larger than usual. Ibrahim Musa ...  >>MORE

Total solar eclipse in UAE on November 24

Posted on 17/11/2003

There will be a total solar eclipse in the UAE on Monday (November 24) which would bring to an end the holy month of Ramadan and make the next day, Tuesday, the first day of Shawwal, which means Eid Al Fitr will be on Tuesday. It was announced here by the Association of Amateur Astronomers, an affiliate of the Emirates Heritage Club. (The Emirates News Agency, WAM) ...  >>MORE

Residents offer prayers for peace during eclipse

Posted on 10/11/2003

Thousands of people watched a celestial show in the early hours yesterday when the moon was completely hidden by the earth's shadow. The spectacle started at around 3.32am. The total eclipse occurred between 5.06am and 5.31am, as the moon became completely hidden by the earth's shadow. Muslims offered special prayers, some took photographs and others made video films. People have various beliefs and anecdotes attached to a lunar eclipse. A lunar eclipse happens once or twice a year when the ...  >>MORE

Mars pulls crowd of star gazers

Posted on 30/08/2003

Local stargazers and their families gathered in a festive mood Wednesday night in different parts of the UAE. In Abu Dhabi, amateur astronomers met at the breakwater on the Corniche to see planet Mars closely for the first time. In Dubai, scores of people gathered on the corniche in Al Mamzar area as the Red Planet made its closest fly-by to earth, which will not be repeated in another 60,000 years. Special arrangements were made by the Amateur Astronomers Group of the Emirates Heritage ...  >>MORE

Residents prepare for close encounter with Mars

Posted on 26/08/2003

With Mars and Earth making their closest rendezvous in the last 60,000 years tomorrow, astronomy groups from around the UAE are scrambling to organise viewing platforms for members of the public to witness the rare spectacle. From Al Ain to Dubai, special observation posts are being set up and lectures on the phenomenon being offered free of charge, local sources said yesterday. Tomorrow's opposition - the scientific term for adjacent planets orbiting on the same side of the Sun - will ...  >>MORE

UAE astronomers await rare Mars spectacle

Posted on 16/08/2003

Stargazers in the UAE will be able to see details of Mars with simple telescopes on August 27 as the planet moves closer to earth than it has done at any point in the last 57,000 years. The astronomical treat will occur during broad daylight at precisely 1.51pm. But people will get a better view of the red planet throughout the night if they look towards the south east, according to Mohammed Talib Al Salami, an Abu Dhabi-based astronomy enthusiast. Al Salami, who is a member of the Emirates ...  >>MORE

Stargazers plan Gulf Telescope

Posted on 21/07/2003

The first amateur organisation of its kind in the Gulf region, the Dubai Astronomy Group (DAG), is blazing a trail in uncharted territory for future generations of UAE nationals to follow. Today the group, set up officially three years ago, comprises 30 active members - all young men with spirit of adventure, prepared to travel to the farthest uninhabited reaches of the UAE and Oman to capture images of stars, nebulae and planets. The group is working hard on examining possible suitable ...  >>MORE

Mercury's transit to be projected on screen

Posted on 07/05/2003

Astronomers and amateur star gazers will gather today to watch Mercury transit the Sun's disc as it is projected on a giant screen outside Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi. Mercury will start crossing the Sun's disc at 9.13am local time and will continue for about five hours and 17 minutes. The Astronomy Amateur Group at the Emirates Heritage Club will install a telescope outside the mall and project the planet's transit on a screen to give the public a live celestial spectacle. "This is an ...  >>MORE

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