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Thuraya's CEO named Satellite Executive Of The Year

posted on 01/10/2015

Thuraya's CEO Samer Halawi has been named "Satellite Executive of the Year" by the Asia-Pacific Satellite Communications Council (APSCC).
Halawi was recognized at the organization's 12th annual awards ceremony, which took place in Seoul, South Korea, as part of the APSCC's 2015 Satellite Conference and Exhibition.
Halawi, CEO said, "On behalf of Thuraya and our whole team, I am really grateful to receive this prestigious award in recognition of our contribution to the satellite industry. It is a great honour for Thuraya to be recognized for having transformed itself into what is today a progressive, successful business."
"This award recognizes the success of the Thuraya team, and the difference we are making together with our partners across the Asia Pacific region," he added.
Thuraya has enjoyed triple digit growth in Asia for three years in a row in the maritime sector alone. The company expects this sector to grow further due to strong demand for its products, which offer both exceptional performance and value, and a compelling, competitive alternative for customers. – Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Thuraya appoints first woman to serve as a Board Member

posted on 21/04/2015

Thuraya Telecommunications Company has appointed an Emirati woman to its Board of Directors, the first woman to join the board since its inception.
Farah Al Mazrui, a UAE national who joined the board effective 31st March, holds an MSc in Risk Management and Financial Engineering from the Tanaka Business School at Imperial College and a BSc Hons in Economics from the Queen Mary University of London.
"Farah's extensive commercial and government financial experience will strengthen Thuraya's ability to address future opportunities and aid in the management of our next-generation planning, particularly in evaluating and funding our strategic initiatives," said Ahmad Abdulkarim Julfar, Chairman of Thuraya's Board of Directors.
Thuraya is the market leader in mobile satellite handheld solutions with over 50% market share within its coverage area, which spans 160 countries in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia and Australia. – Emirates News Agency, WAM –


Thuraya partners with SOS Children’s Villages to connect remote communities in the Central African Republic

posted on 24/10/2014

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, a leading Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) operator yesterday announced its partnership with SOS Children's Villages International's Gulf Area Office to bring satellite connectivity to remote communities in the Central African Republic (CAR). The collaboration facilitates communication between SOS Children's Villages in the CAR, helping the charitable organisation connect its programs as well as coordinate emergency preparedness and response teams within the remote communities they work in.
Thuraya's donation includes Public Calling Office units, Thuraya SatSleeves and Thuraya IP+ broadband terminals as well as Thuraya SIM cards and airtime. The donation is in support of SOS Children's Villages' philosophy of providing long-term, family-based care for children who have lost parental care. The organisation also works with struggling families and communities in remote areas to develop young minds and strengthen these communities for a brighter future.
Nicole Nassar, Gulf Area Office Managing Director appreciates the contribution, "We thank Thuraya for their generous donation as we nurture the children and families in these remote communities. Thuraya's satellite equipment and services will benefit our teams that are providing vital care in terms of education, development and community building. We are also coordinating efforts between the communities to ensure that they are prepared for any emergencies. Every bit of support we receive will enable us to build sustainable communities for the future." Under SOS Children's Village's Central African Republic purview, there are approximately 2000 IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) living in its villages, schools and other facilities along with 2600 orphaned and vulnerable child originally living in its care. Due to the lack of communication infrastructure in the CAR, SOS Children's Villages and their teams rely on satellite communications to coordinate the provision of food, healthcare, security and other services between its various locations to cater to the welfare of the people under their care.
Bilal El Hamoui, Vice President of Commercial at Thuraya said, "Despite the arrival of fibre to the Africa coasts, many Africans today remain without terrestrial connectivity in the remote communities they live in. Thuraya is proud to collaborate with SOS Children's Villages, which allows us to help their field workers to stay connected through mobile satellite connectivity. We believe in responsible social development and will contribute in our way to help SOS Children's Villages teams facilitate social development and emergency preparedness towards building a sustainable future in these remote communities." - Emirates News Agency, WAM -


Thuraya’s Young Innovative Internship Programme attracts outstanding young talent from Khalifa University

posted on 16/07/2014

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, the U.A.E.-based Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) operator, has launched the Young Innovative Internship Programme (YIIP) which is designed to work with national universities to source, recruit and train U.A.E. national interns for different divisions within the company.
As part of the programme, Thuraya welcomed six new engineering interns from Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research this summer. The students, Abeer Al Yammahi, electrical and electronics engineer, Nasser Al Nimir, communications engineer, Mohamed Fikri, communications engineer, Ali Al Mahdi, communications engineer, Ahmad Ayoon, aerospace engineer, and Rashid Al Memari, electrical and electronics engineer, embarked on a six-week internship with the Technology and Strategy and Business Development divisions.
"We are very excited to be working with students from Khalifa University through our YIIP program. We aim to nurture young minds so that we can innovate and elevate the satellite industry," said Ahmad Al Shareef, Vice President of Human Resources and Support Operations.
He added, "Thuraya has long prided itself in attracting and developing national talent in the satellite communications sector. Over the years, the company has recruited, trained and established the global careers of a significant amount of home-grown talent, who were responsible for establishing Thuraya within the global satellite industry." Abeer Al Yammahi, one of the interns selected for the YIIP, said, "Thuraya's purpose of "We Save and Improve Lives" inspired me to be part of an effective organisation that not only provides telecommunication services to the public, but also helps saves the lives of users who are in remote locations, especially when accidents happens." – Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya announces partnership with US-based Satcom Direct

posted on 23/04/2014

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, a Mobile Satellite Services operator, yesterday announced its partnership with Satcom Direct, a US-based provider of voice and data communication services.
The agreement will see Satcom Direct expand its portfolio of mobile satellite services for its Enterprise, Government, Maritime, Media and Relief customers.
"Thuraya's distribution agreement with Satcom Direct strengthens our commitment to expand and diversify our customer base in the United States. Satcom Direct's strong background in providing mobile satellite solutions for land data, maritime and aero customers accelerates our growth strategy and enables us to reach more customers in these growing sectors across our satellite footprint," said Bilal El Hamoui, Vice President of Distribution at Thuraya.
David Greenhill, President of Satcom Direct, said, "We are excited to work with Thuraya in expanding our reach into new markets. Despite budgets getting tighter, our customers still demand high-quality innovative products with affordable price packages. This partnership with Thuraya allows us to meet our customer's stringent needs with direct access to a highly reliable network and a diversified mobile satellite solution portfolio which includes the Thuraya IP+, Maritime Broadband, SatSleeve and XT." – Emirates News Agency, WAM


TRA Participates in 33rd Meeting of the Arab League Permanent Committee for ICT

posted on 17/10/2013

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) took part in the 33rd meeting of the Arab League's Permanent Arab Committee for Information and Communications Technology. As the highest supervisory panel for advanced Information and Communications Technology (ICT) at the Arab League Secretary General, the group submits its recommendations and resolutions to the Council of Arab Ministers of ICT.
The meeting was arranged due to the need of the Arab Group to combine preparatory efforts ahead of what will be a critical twelve months in the international ICT calendar. Discussing preparations of the specialized Arab team groups responsible for organizing their involvement in next year's International Telecommunication Union (ITU) conference was especially important. The ITU events are the World Telecommunication Development Conference scheduled to take place in Sharm el-Sheikh in April and the Plenipotentiary Conference scheduled in South Korea in October.
Nasser bin Hammad Director of International Relations Authority who headed the United Arab Emirates delegation, said "The Arab Committee discussed a number of important topics of which Arab cooperation in the field of ICT was included. Members worked together to develop appropriate recommendations in preparation for the submission to the Council of Arab Ministers of ICT through the Executive Office. Numerous Arab projects and their developments were addressed including the initiatives on e-Governance and the project's top-level domain name. Arab'. Also, recommendations were made on the unified mechanism of Arab nominations and elections in upcoming ICT conferences." TRA participates regularly in the meetings of this committee, for the importance of the work it does in crafting the policies and guidelines for some of the most critical ICT issues in the region. The discussions that take place at the Arab League Permanent Committee for ICT meetings are fundamental in TRA's mission to safeguard the future of the ICT sector in the Arab world.
The TRA were successful in preparing a number of working papers handled by the Committee under its terms. One of the most important papers studied the mechanism used to nominate members of the Arab leadership ITU positions during the upcoming elections; the most significant of which being the Plenipotentiary Conferences for the Post of Secretary General of the Union, Deputy Managers and the Director positions of the three sectors (Standardization, Radio and Development) in addition to elections for membership of the Council of Union Radio Regulations.
The TRA also proposed a working paper on the Statute of the Council of Arab Ministers of Telecommunications and information, particularly focusing on Article 13 that describes the functions and the Presidency of the Permanent Arab Committee where TRA presented the proposal on the chairmanship of the Committee of the Permanent Arab Telecom permanently for a specific time period instead of the presidency on a regular basis by all countries.
Representing a collective of experts from a range of countries, the ICT Arab League Permanent Committee for ICT was formed as part of an initiative from the Council of Arab Ministers of ICT for the Arab League and its Executive Office. The mission of the committee is to discuss the topics presented to the Executive Office and the Council of Arab Ministers of ICT. Convened twice a year, the Arab League Permanent is held prior to the meetings of the Executive Office and the Council of Ministers. – Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya unveils new iPhone SatSleeve

posted on 08/09/2013

The Thuraya Telecommunications Company yesterday launched a new edition of the Thuraya SatSleeve, the world's first and only satellite adaptor for the iPhone.
The new release not only allows users to make phone calls and to send SMS messages via Thuraya's satellite network, it also enables them to access emails, as well as all popular social media and instant messaging apps such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and WhatsApp, among others.
Thuraya SatSleeve users can now post news updates, chat via messaging apps with their contacts as well as send and receive email from the most remote locations in satellite mode. The device can be used across Thuraya's extensive satellite network, with coverage in over 140 countries.
Speaking on the occasion of the launch of the new product, Samer Halawi, Chief Executive Officer of Thuraya, said, "The new release of the SatSleeve, which now includes data exchange, underscores our commitment towards delivering new and innovative mobile satellite products. Thuraya is powering ahead of the competition with our strong product innovation strategy focused on making satellite communications more accessible and user-friendly. Users today are increasingly relying on their smartphones to stay connected, and we strongly believe in listening to them and to their requirements as we develop new mobile satellite products that align with their needs." Thuraya SatSleeve enables users to enjoy ubiquitous coverage even in the most remote environments that are not served or are under-served by existing terrestrial networks. The device also serves as an important mobile communications device, in addition to being a security backup for users that are operating in remote locations and in areas where natural or man-made disasters can render terrestrial communications unavailable.
SatSleeve customers include corporate users, enterprises from all industries, explorers, mountaineers, extreme sports participants and other outdoor enthusiasts. The SatSleeve can be used across the Thuraya network either with a Thuraya SIM card or with a standard GSM SIM card available from 356 worldwide GSM operators in more than 160 countries. – Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya secures Multi-million dollar long-term financing

posted on 22/06/2013

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, a leading mobile satellite services operator, has announced a long-term financing facility from Dubai Islamic Bank (DIB). Thuraya will use the proceeds to upgrade its network infrastructure and to support further development and expansion of its product portfolio, including the highly successful Thuraya SatSleeve satellite adaptor for smartphones.
"We are pleased to have secured this financing and entering into a long-term relationship with DIB," said Samer Halawi, Chief Executive Officer of Thuraya. "This will help us strengthen our position as a leading MSS operator and provide the Company with additional financial flexibility to develop our next generation gateway and upgrade our network capacity. It also provides us with the breadth that supports our sustainable growth strategy as well as new business opportunities in key and emerging markets." Dr Adnan Chilwan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of DIB, said, "The renewed growth in the UAE economy and a positive outlook in the region, have prompted large corporations to once again invest in their infrastructure in order to capitalise on the new market opportunities. DIB is perfectly positioned to play its traditional role of supporting the growth and development of businesses in the UAE. Our strength and expertise enables us to structure complex financing deals tailored to the specific needs of our customers. This makes DIB the preferred partner for fuelling the growth of progressive companies like Thuraya." - Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya expands its GSM roaming coverage across the Americas

posted on 18/04/2013

Thuraya Telecommunications Company yesterday announced that it has extended its GSM roaming coverage to 11 additional countries across the Americas in partnership with leading telecommunications providers, Claro and Telefonica.
A subsidiary of America Movil, Claro is the leading provider of telecommunications services in Latin America, operating in 18 countries across the Americas.
Telefonica operates across 14 countries in Latin America and manages, through its Movistar and Vivo, commercial brands, more than 30% of the region's telecommunications market.
Thuraya's partners will provide GSM roaming for voice and data services to Thuraya users in Alaska, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, Puerto Rico, the US Virgin Islands and Uruguay.
The roaming service, which commenced on April 12, 2013, allows Thuraya subscribers to roam seamlessly on the Claro and Telefonica networks.
Thuraya users can insert their Thuraya SIM card in any GSM or Smartphone to access Claro or Telefonica's networks. In return, Claro and Telefonica subscribers will shortly be able to roam across Thuraya's satellite network when using a Thuraya satellite handset. With these new roaming agreements in place, Thuraya now provides truly global coverage for its customers with its wide satellite coverage and in over 161 countries across 356 GSM networks throughout Africa, Asia, Australia, Canada, Europe, Latin America and North America. – Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya announces partnership with AT&T

posted on 20/03/2013

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, a leading Mobile Satellite Services operator yesterday announced a strategic partnership with AT&T Inc., the premier communications holding company and one of the world's largest carriers, which will provide outbound GSM roaming for voice and data services to Thuraya users across the United States.
The roaming service, which commenced on March 15, 2013, allows Thuraya subscribers to roam seamlessly with their Thuraya XT-Dual handsets on the AT&T network. Thuraya customers in the United States, including Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands can now make and receive calls, and also send and receive text messages (SMS).
The next stage of the roaming service between Thuraya and AT&T will enable AT&T customers to roam and use the Thuraya satellite network which spans over 140 countries across Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe. T. Sanford Jewett, Vice President of Marketing at Thuraya Telecommunications Company, said: "We recognise that keeping in close communication with each other is vital to both businesses as well as consumers today.
We are excited to be working with one of the world's leading carriers to provide Thuraya customers in the United States with this service. With more than 350 roaming partners worldwide, Thuraya is the only satellite operator that offers roaming services over mobile networks and we are pleased that AT&T is one of our key roaming partners.” About Thuraya Telecommunications Company Thuraya Telecommunications Company is an industry leading MSS operator and a global telecommunication provider offering innovative communications solutions to a variety of sectors including energy, broadcast media, maritime, military and NGO. – The Gulf Today


Thuraya and OneAccess announce optimized solution for broadband connectivity

posted on 17/03/2013

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, a leading Mobile Satellite Services operator and its Solution Partner OneAccess, a leading manufacturer of multi-service routers and Carrier Ethernet access devices, yesterday announced a strategic partnership that they will provide users of Thuraya IP terminals with three new customized solutions.
Ahmed AL Shamsi, Chief Technology Officer at Thuraya said: "Today's mobile worker, whether in the corporate or media sector, demands secure, high-speed connection coupled with the ability to transfer and transmit files without sacrificing workload capacity through their IP terminals. Thuraya and OneAccess recognise this and have developed these solutions to enhance IP performance to support the needs of our users." With effect from today, all Thuraya IP terminals will have access to : Up to 10 times' faster Virtual Private Network (VPN) through an advanced router that includes data redundancy elimination technology, firewall, QoS and link management capabilities, and Optimised link bonding that combines link management with acceleration and compression technology to bond streams from multiple Thuraya IP terminals.
The OneAccess solution balances the video stream over multiple links to enable the video stream to be transmitted in real-time with the right quality.
Enhanced surfing speed with WEBcompress, which dramatically minimises transferred content and shortens web page loading times by up to a 75% volume reduction on the first-time load of web pages. – Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya expands its range of innovative data products

posted on 13/03/2013

Thuraya Telecommunications Company, yesterday announced the launch of Thuraya IP+, the latest addition to its expanding portfolio of mobile satellite broadband terminals.
Thuraya IP+ is the fastest and lightest mobile satellite broadband terminal. Without compromising on portability, it is also designed to achieve the fastest IP speeds, ensuring quick and reliable access to broadband data services over Thuraya's extensive satellite network. Enhanced capabilities facilitate a wide range of applications including live high quality video broadcasting, web browsing, email, social media communications, data transfer and VoIP applications, as well as access to corporate networks from remote locations.
Weighing just 1.4 kilograms and smaller than a regular laptop, Thuraya IP+ can be rapidly deployed to support high-bandwidth applications, at speeds of up to 444kbps on standard IP and 384kbps on streaming IP with a built-in antenna. The satellite broadband terminal can be configured to provide asymmetric streaming capabilities, enabling users to control their upload and download speeds based on usage requirements, to optimise bandwidth cost.
A highly portable and rugged device, Thuraya IP+ is ideal for various mission-critical operations such as broadcast media, defence, telemedicine and disaster response. Thuraya's congestion-free satellite network helps to further ensure uninterrupted mobile broadband access. From supporting offshore operations to establishing critical field communication links, Thuraya IP+ provides the portable connectivity required by Thuraya's customers who live and work beyond the reach of traditional terrestrial networks. – Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya signs service partner agreement with Pivotel of Australia

posted on 08/03/2013

Thuraya Telecommunications, yesterday announced it has signed a Service Partner agreement with Pivotel Group of Australia.
As a licensed mobile carrier, Pivotel will provide Thuraya's products and services across Australia and Southern Asia.
The Company supports Australia's largest installed base of mobile satellite users including voice, data and M2M services. The addition of Thuraya's suite of products further complements Pivotel's current product range and will enhance its position as Australia's premier mobile satellite service provider across several vertical markets including mining, transport, maritime, professional trades, emergency services, construction and consumers.
Pivotel's Chief Executive Officer, Peter Bolger said "We chose to partner with Thuraya because of its innovative product range including the Thuraya XT-DUAL, which provides both GSM and satellite services. This dual-mode handheld provides outstanding value and utility to regional, remote and urban-based Australians looking to extend their mobile phone service coverage." He added, "The Thuraya IP terminal delivers an outstanding high-speed mobile data service which is in high demand and delivers enormous connectivity and productivity gains to individuals and organisations across the country." Thuraya's Vice President of Distribution, Muiz A. Saad said: "We are pleased to welcome Pivotel to Thuraya's Service Partner network. We are confident that the Australian market will be well-served by such a highly experienced provider of mobile satellite communications services. Pivotel is well positioned to offer the next generation of Thuraya's services to its current and future customers." Pivotel's Thuraya services will utilise standard Australia mobile numbers than can be ported from their current service provider to Pivotel. Users of Thuraya will benefit from outstanding value on their GSM mobile services and for a small premium can access Thuraya's satellite network from virtually anywhere in Australia. To add, customers of the dual mode services will not be charged to receive incoming calls and callers to a Pivotel Thuraya phone will pay normal call to mobile rates. Pivotel will launch a range of call plans which together with the Thuraya XT DUAL handsets will provide customers with a low cost, easy to use, unmatched Mobile Everywhere service". – Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya and Chunghwa telecom announce historic service launch for Taiwan

posted on 19/02/2013

Thuraya Telecommunications, and Chunghwa Telecom yesterday announced the historic milestone of receiving licensing approval from the NCC, Taiwan's national telecoms regulator, for the provision of Thuraya's mobile satellite services in the country.
The significance of this licensing agreement means that for the first time, Taiwanese consumers and enterprise users alike will no longer be required to apply for individual licensing approval from the NCC to use mobile satellite services in the country. Previously, only enterprise users were eligible for licensing approval of Mobile Satellite Services. With this historic agreement, Chunghwa Telecom's subscribers can benefit from Thuraya's voice, data and maritime services across its extensive satellite footprint covering over 140 countries in Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia, Europe and the Middle East.
Taiwan is considered a key growth market for Thuraya which is characterised by strong demand for reliable and cost-effective voice and data services from the fisheries sector. Thuraya MarineComms offers a range of products including the SF2500, dubbed the ultimate satellite phone at sea and the Seagull 5000 offering voice and data connectivity for medium to small vessels, fishing boats and yachts at sea. Thuraya also offers the world's most rugged satellite phone, the Thuraya XT and the ultra-lightweight Thuraya IP broadband terminal which are used by a variety of users from across the Maritime, Government, NGOs, Energy and Media sectors. - Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya launches mobile satellite industry's fastest handheld hotspot

posted on 15/10/2012

Industry leading Mobile Satellite Services operator, Thuraya Telecommunications Company yesterday announced the launch of its Thuraya XT-Hotspot product.
XT-Hotspot, which is a pocket-size router will create a Wi-Fi zone for multiple users to connect smartphones, laptops, and tablets to the internet over Thuraya's mobile satellite network with the fastest satellite data speeds on a handheld of up to 60 kbps in the most remote of areas.
Thuraya's Vice President of Marketing, T. Sanford Jewett said "Thuraya is busy expanding our product line with innovative products to provide our users with convenient and practical mobile communication solutions. The XT-Hotspot is yet another example of Thuraya's commitment to delivering simple and cost-effective communication tools that enhance the value of our satellite services." – Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya showcases SF2500 voice satellite terminal at CommunicAsia 2012, Singapore

posted on 20/06/2012

Singapore - Thuraya Telecommunications Company, unveiled yesterday at CommunicAsia 2012 in Singapore its SF2500 maritime satellite voice terminal, developed jointly with partner Addvalue Communications Pte Ltd.
Thuraya is using its existing success in providing satellite communications to more than 140 countries around the globe to diversify into selected vertical sectors. Having sold over 600,000 handsets worldwide, the move is another significant step for Thuraya as it continues to expand its marine product line SF2500 is the latest offering available to end-users under the recently created Thuraya MarineComms brand, which was launched to provide dedicated support for the marine market and enables Thuraya's community of distributors and channel partners to provide training and support for marine end-users. The Indonesian Fisherman Association is already an early adopter of the SF2500 terminal, and Thuraya expects the product's reliability and value to rapidly attract other global marine end-users.
Thuraya offers tailored pricing packages that allow customers to subscribe to the plans most suited to their requirements and budgets. Thuraya also offers a Shareplan package, whereby end-users can share individual airtime allocations across their terminal base and mix and match different Thuraya solutions, both voice and data, to generate even greater savings.
Major General (Ret) Yussuf Solichien M, Chairman of the Indonesian Fisherman Association, concluded: "We wanted Indonesian fishermen to feel protected and safe when they're out at sea carrying out their jobs by putting the best satellite communications at their disposal. The versatility of the SF2500 , its small but powerful antenna, its reliability in different conditions and the built-in emergency response alert system were key factors in our choice." – Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya showcases World's most Portable Voice and Data Solutions at Satellite 2012

posted on 11/03/2012

In applications from field journalism to Government end users, and from humanitarian relief to disaster assistance, the need for small, light, highly portable satellite broadband terminals has never been greater and Thuraya is highlighting its sleek, convenient Thuraya IP at Satellite 2012, next Monday at Washington, DC.
A world leader maintaining 60% market share of the satellite handheld market in its coverage area, Thuraya has also been first worldwide in providing the smallest satellite voice handheld, the first dual mode satellite and GSM handheld, and the most rugged satellite handheld. At just half the size of a laptop, the Thuraya IP is also the smallest, most portable and most powerful satellite data terminal, delivering an ideal 384 kbps streaming and 444 kbps standard IP. Leading companies in major sectors have been adopting the Thuraya IP for its convenient size and speed.
"We have been the leaders in satellite voice services for many years and now it is time to leverage this market strength to move forward and firmly in satellite broadband, the fastest growing market segment," said Thuraya's CEO Samer Halawi.
At the exhibition Thuraya is also presenting the XT-DUAL, the latest-generation dual mode handheld, which switches seamlessly between ground networks and Thuraya's satellite system wherever and whenever needed. Also on show at Satellite 2012 are Thuraya's MarineComms solutions perfect for everything from freighters to luxury yachts and Thuraya NettedComms for emergency communications, bringing connectivity to places and at times when nothing else works. - Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya signs Service Partner Agreement with Africell Holding

posted on 24/01/2012

To embolden its distribution network in Africa, Thuraya, the leading international mobile satellite operator has signed a service partner agreement with Africell Holding (a subsidiary of Lintel Holding).
Through this partnership, Africell, one of Africa's most dynamic GSM operators, will be providing Thuraya's data and voice services in Gambia, Sierra Leone and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Thuraya provides border-to-border seamless satellite coverage over Africa, which complements existing terrestrial operators such as Africell ensuring that consumers out of GSM reach can access reliable and cost-effective satellite communications.
Furthermore, as the only satellite operator that offers satellite roaming capabilities for GSM consumers, Thuraya allows access for people on the move to enjoy the ubiquitous coverage of the Company's robust network by simply inserting their GSM SIM cards into any Thuraya handheld.
"Africa offers significant business opportunities due to its size, geographical composition, population and economical potential. The new partnership with Africell is part of our strategy to enhance our distribution network and reach out to our vertical industry consumers wherever they choose to operate. We aim to empower people and businesses in Africa through modern, cutting-edge and reliable value satellite communications," said Thuraya's Chief Executive Officer, Samer Halawi.
On this occasion, Ziad Dalloul, Chief Executive Officer of Lintel, said, "Offering Thuraya services will provide us with a competitive edge especially in countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo which is the size of Western Europe where Thuraya services would allow our subscribers to stay in touch even in the most remote areas." Thuraya offers the world's smallest satellite broadband solution to support 384 Kbps streaming "Thuraya IP" and the only satellite handheld to offer full walk-and-talk capability "Thuraya XT". This is in addition to maritime, tracking, capacity leasing, and other specialised space-based solutions.
Africell Holding operates three GSM operations; Africell Gambia, Africell Sierra Leone, and Africell RDC. The Gambia and Sierra Leone operations are leaders with around 60% market share in both markets; the DRC operation is set to be launched by Q2 2012. - Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya and Al Aan TV partner to Spotlight Famine-Stricken Somalia

posted on 03/11/2011

Thuraya and Al Aan TV, the UAE-based TV channel, have joined forces to spotlight the plight of famine-stricken area of Somalia and re-focus international attention on Somali community. About 60 percent of the people in Somalia have been inaccessible to aid, and those are just the people in temporary camps.
"We have a strong partnership with Al Aan TV, whom we openly admire for their continued efforts to highlight human interest stories. Somalia is a vast, barren country with a heart-breaking story to tell, we wanted to ensure Al Aan had the means to get the story out. Our Thuraya IP solution enables them to broadcast live from even the most remote location and provides the platform to re-focus international attention on Somali community," said Thuraya's Vice President, Corporate '&' Marketing Communications, Ebrahim K. Ebrahim.
On a similar note Ms. Nisreen Sadek, News Projects Manager of Al Aan TV said, "We are committed to proving leading and breaking news to our audience, we ensure that we are well-geared to stream stories from all parts of the globe and that is why we selected Thuraya IP as our main satellite broadband solution. The compact, portable and user-friendly solution will enable us to show the reality on the ground in Somalia without delay to our studios, in the hope of bringing attention to our audience so that they participate in saving the lives of those in Somalia." - Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya brings Satellite Communications Indoors

posted on 07/07/2011

Thuraya has unveiled a specialised suite of solutions aimed at offering all the functionality of satellite communication, indoors. The technology will banish the myth that satellite communications are an outdoor offering, Thuraya's range of products is specifically designed for indoor use, says a company statement.
Compatible with Thuraya XT, the world's toughest satellite handheld, the portfolio includes a Fixed Docking Unit (FDU), Fixed Phone and Indoor Repeaters. Built in consideration of Thuraya's key market segments consisting of government, oil and gas, mining, construction, NGOs and maritime, the holistic offerings allow instant set-up of remote offices in areas where there is little or no terrestrial coverage.
"Thuraya's latest offerings introduce the market-leading functionality and communications expertise for which Thuraya has become known, into a fixed environment, further extending our capabilities and enhancing the solutions available to our consumers. Supported by high-performance antennas to ensure constant connectivity to our robust network, Thuraya's Indoor Solutions raise the bar in the SatCom industry," said Thuraya's Director of Product Management, Rashid Baba. - Emirates News Agency, WAM


Spanish Mountaineer ventures World's Highest Summit with Thuraya Solutions

posted on 31/03/2011

Spanish mountaineer Edurne Pasaban has once again selected Thuraya as her satellite communications partner for her forthcoming expedition to Mount Everest. During her trek up the world's highest summit Pasaban will be deploying Thuraya XT and Thuraya IP for weather forecasts, website updates and to stay in touch with family and friends.
Having attempted Everest in 2001, Pasaban will be climbing the peak this year without the use of artificial oxygen. She is renowned for being the first woman to climb all fourteen 8,000 meter high summits across the globe. "I have decided to undertake this journey with Thuraya solutions again, as my previous experience last year with them while climbing Annapurna was a great success. Communications on such a challenging trip cannot be taken for granted. I am ensuring that I use the most reliable solution, which I believe is what Thuraya's about," said Pasaban.
Thuraya's Vice President Corporate and Marketing Communications, Ebrahim K. Ebrahim said, "We are pleased to sponsor Ms. Edurne Pasaban on another of her challenging journeys. We look forward to following the success of her trip using Thuraya IP, which enables her to update her website regularly. Both our XT handheld and Thuraya IP are supported by a robust network that ensures consumers from all remote areas, including Mount Everest, are provided with the highest quality satellite communication services to keep them in touch." - Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya Satcom Solutions deployed for Japanese relief operations

posted on 22/03/2011

Following the devastating earthquake which struck Japan, triggering Tsunami that damaged the terrestrial fixed and mobile networks, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) in coordination with Thuraya have deployed vital satellite communication equipment to enable relief efforts. This includes the world's smallest broadband solution, Thuraya IP and satellite handheld phones.
Satellite communications are providing reliable and robust communications which are being used by local government organisations responsible for coordinating search and rescue efforts.
"Thuraya has always played a pivotal role in providing reliable communications during and after natural disasters to facilitate search and rescue operations and assist humanitarian efforts within our 140-country coverage area. Thuraya IP is easily deployable, rugged and backed by a robust satellite network ensuring that government organisations, NGOs and other consumers are able to perform their daily activities during such difficult times. We are proud to be able to assist the Japanese people following the earthquake through our relationship with the ITU and our solutions," said Thuraya's Vice President Corporate and Marketing Communications, Ebrahim K. Ebrahim.
On a similar note, the Head of the ITU's Division for Emergency Telecommunications, Cosmos Zavazava said, "The power of sustainable partnerships continues to manifest itself as the international community rallies behind countries affected by natural disasters. Our profound appreciation goes to all our partners, and Thuraya is a long-standing contributor to the ITU Framework for Cooperation in Emergencies across the globe. Recently, Thuraya generously contributed to our efforts to save lives in Samoa, Uganda, Malawi, Pakistan, Indonesia, and Japan in the immediate aftermath of devastating disasters." - Emirates News Agency, WAM

Thuraya signs MoU with UAE's National Transport Authority

posted on 03/02/2011

Leading mobile satellite operator Thuraya yesterday signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UAE's National Transport Authority (NTA) aiming to set a framework for mutual support and collaboration in the field of mobile satellite telecommunications.
According to the MoU, Thuraya and NTA will explore and define areas of potential cooperation for the deployment of Thuraya services and solutions onboard UAE flagships. Both parties will also coordinate efforts to meet NTA's satellite communications requirements inside and outside the UAE.
Additionally, on an international level Thuraya and the NTA will liaise with the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) for the accreditation of Thuraya's maritime offerings.
The MoU was signed by Thuraya's Chief Strategy Officer Mr. Sultan Al Ghafli, and NTA's Acting Director General and Executive Director of the Maritime Sector H.E. Salem Al Zaabi on the opening day of the 1st Transport and Maritime Law Conference, organised by the Paris-Sorbonne University Abu Dhabi in collaboration with NTA.
Speaking about the MoU, Sultan Al Ghafli, Thuraya's Chief Strategy Officer, said: "Thuraya has an excellent portfolio of satellite data and voice telecom solutions for the maritime industry and other sea-related segments. This MoU paves the way for future collaboration that will extend our presence in the maritime sector on a national and international scale."
On his part, Salim Al Zaabi, Acting Director General and Executive Director of the Maritime Sector at NTA, said: "Signing an MoU with Thuraya will open the door for us to explore areas of mutual cooperation that will support NTA's pioneering role in the UAE. We are excited about partnering with Thuraya to implement advanced and reliable satellite telecommunications solutions in land vehicles and sea vessels in the UAE." The NTA is the government entity that oversees the efficiency and safety of the UAE's land and sea transport networks. Thuraya is a world leading mobile satellite operator that has a diverse portfolio of voice, data, and video solutions that meet the needs of vertical market segments across its 140-country coverage area spanning Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Asia Pacific, and Australia. - Emirates News Agency, WAM


Connect Telecom signs major deal for mobile satellite handhelds with Thuraya

posted on 22/12/2010

Connect Telecom, the international mobile and satellite telecom distributor, has procured a large quantity of Thuraya's handhelds, including both the smartest satellite phone "SG-2520" and the toughest satellite phone "XT".
With its established and active distribution outlets in UAE, Middle East and Hong Kong, Connect Telecom is building a greater role and reputation as a main provider of mobile satellite services and products in the region.
"Connect Telecom has good access to government and vertical markets which represents Thuraya's target customers in line with our new strategy," said Muiz A. Saad, Executive Manager Marketing '&' Sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa.
In his part Joachim de Jenlis, Managing Director of Connect Telecom said, "The market reputation of Thuraya's handhelds ensures that the SG-2520 and XT handheld will ensure a rapid market roll out in key markets. The handhelds are supported by an extremely robust network which offers high-quality voice service for our customers who depend on satellite communications in the most enduring circumstances." – Emirates News Agency, WAM


Thuraya expands commercial partnership with etisalat

posted on 09/12/2010

Thuraya, has expanded its partnership with etisalat, appointing them as distributors of IP and Marine in the UAE. etisalat, will be marketing and distributing Thuraya's satellite data and maritime services to vertical markets throughout the country.
Both operators will be cooperating to ensure that through Thuraya's satellite network coverage, customers from various segments such as energy, government, large corporations as well as private users will be able to benefit from improved voice and data connectivity across the UAE.
"Partnering with Etisalat will ensure that customers in the UAE seeking satellite high-speed data or maritime services have their demands met. Our ubiquitous coverage of the UAE and waterways complements Etisalat's wide terrestrial network providing customers with uninterrupted service even in the most remote areas," said Thuraya's Chief Technology Officer, Ali Al Mazrooei.
On a similar note Khalifa Al Shamsi, Senior Vice President - Marketing Etisalat said, "We are pleased to enhance our partnership with Thuraya by cooperatively offering satellite-based data and maritime services. Through our extensive distribution network, customers will be able to access the user-friendly and efficient capabilities of both Thuraya IP and Thuraya Marine which provide superior communication owing to their advanced features." â€" Emirates News Agency, WAM