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UAE Interact is pleased to present a number of film previews that have been optimised for Internet viewing.

Films from the UAE pavilion at the World EXPO Shanghai, 2010.

Act 1 – In the blink of an Eye
Act 2 – Meet the Emiratis
Act 3 – Dream Journey


Building the Emirates

BUILDING THE EMIRATES: Better City, Better Life. Building the Emirates

24/7 Films and music from the UAE Pavilion at EXPO Zaragoza 2008 24 7

'The UAE National Anthem' which is a poetic short film inspired by the UAE National Anthem. UAE National Anthem
'Sheba's Greatest Treasure' which tells the story of the Marib Dam in Yemen and how its reconstruction, funded by the UAE, has revitalised this southern Arabian community. Sheba's Greatest Treasure

'Feast of Dates' which reveals the incredible adaptability and value of the date palm tree in the UAE.

Feast of Dates


'Creative Energy' begins with some brief glimpses of Abu Dhabi before oil and then quickly moves to the UAE of 2004 - exploring the secret of the country's success through the eyes of its own people.

Shot in HDTV, in September and October 2004, this is the latest high quality film on the United Arab Emirates.

Creative Energy

New films will appear here from time to time and we are keen to receive your own feedback on how these video extracts look on your own screen. Please complete the special video feedback form if you have any comments on the films.

Full length films are available on DVD and can be purchased online at the UAE Interact Shop.


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